5 Real Estate Estimates!

For over 15 years, as a licensed real estate salesperson, in New York State, in any real estate purchase, decision, etc. It is important to proceed in a wise, careful and well thought out manner! I see these, often, as true, as any involvement, actively, related to this industry! For most people, the financial value of their home represents their single largest asset, so doesn’t it make sense to proceed in the wisest, most informed way possible? With that in mind, this article attempts to, briefly, consider, examine, evaluate and discuss, 5 important, concrete ideas.

  1. Don’t try Market – time!: A very few, able and fortunate – enough, to Market – time, when it comes to this, a certain industry and body, our economy! Instead, one must consider a number of other factors, including: affordability; ability to meet current and future needs; Love a particular neighborhood; financial/economic issues; inter alia.

  2. Beginner-home, or, long-term? From the beginning, consider whether this particular house will be a starter, – a house, or one, which will be for a long time – word! This process makes it easy to make the best decisions based on your home’s specifics, such as home size, rooms, features, and needs/priorities! Obviously, one cannot predict/read the future accurately, but if the objective is longer-term, it means planning, for family, quality schools and other comforts, needs, priorities, etc.!

  3. Make a distinction between wish-list and real needs A wise house-buyer, enters the process, with two lists: one, which is a desire-list; And another, one’s true needs, and priorities! This means, realistically, assessing your personal circumstances, as well as your finances and comfort zone! The wish-list, should help a person’s choice, the actual needs, will lead you to a few options, and fall into your budget, and other priorities, needs and understanding!

  4. Why do you want to live in this area? What can a particular area offer that makes it attractive to you? Consider scenarios such as: security/crime; schools; Convenience to shops, transportation, houses of worship, etc.; And other personal priorities etc!

  5. Why any, separate, home? What makes a particular home appeal to you? Be sure to have it inspected by a professional home inspector/engineer, so there are far – fewer, unwanted surprises! Consider your home’s priorities and why? Also, learn how property can enhance or damage your personal happiness and well-being! Sure, be sure you won’t. House – rich, but financially – poor!

If you continue to pay attention to these and other issues, your ability to make wise personal decisions will increase! Will you be your own best friend?

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