Pressure threshold – self-improvement through work with horses

Each of us has what I call a pressure threshold; the amount of “stuff” we can handle before we shut down, run away, or start an argument with someone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (that freeze, flight, or fight mentality). But why can some people take more than others? Well, it depends on our past experiences and how we have been exposed to situations in our lives. There is actually a direct relationship between who exposed us to these situations (parent, teacher, etc.), plus how much commitment we naturally have (some people call this the stubborn part of our personality), plus the mindset we use in a given situation and the amount of pressure we can submit or our pressure threshold. When you experience a situation, you will react according to the pressure created by what happened to you in the past, which in turn “programmed” you in a sense to respond in a certain way. So whenever you experience a situation, it’s not a situation, it’s a pressure caused by the situation that forces you to revert to the way you were “programmed”. This can be a conscious or subconscious response because pressure is used in a negative way if the tyrant mindset is used
In working with horses using an alpha mindset, pressure is used in a positive way. In working with a person with a “committed” personality, the pressure created by the experiences to compensate for that commitment must have been so high that the trauma from the situation is so ingrained that it could very well be disempowering – bringing our pressure threshold down. So when that person is working with a horse in a round pen, the pressure created by the situation they are facing between the image they are given and what the horse is doing is such that they begin to use a tyrannical mindset (which in this case is not beneficial to their well-being.) To help them overcome this habit, it is necessary to raise the pressure which then in turn reminds them of what they have been through. Because it can be devastating, they tend to overreact to what is happening – they are very likely to not understand the reasons behind the pressure applied at that moment due to the degree of trauma created by the past. Only when the degree of pressure applied to the ballpoint pen at that moment is greater than what they have experienced in the past will they understand how that pressure is used in the alpha mindset. It is difficult for many to want to go down that path. This means digging up the past, and until the pressure in their immediate life is great enough, they will have no incentive to change due to the degree of negative pressure from the past. This all comes back to survival. A good example of this is the extent to which the world is changing – the economic and physical environment. If our goal as Americans is truly “CHANGE” – the buzzword of the day – the first thing we must change is our mindset. Here’s your chance.

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