Professional real estate photography is critical to the success of your home sale.

Nowhere is this more true than on the website where the majority of home buying searches take place – “web appeal” is the new “blocking appeal”, drawing buyers in. . Appealing photos grab the viewer’s attention, but homes with photos can be easily overlooked.

When selling your home, you hire a real estate agent to do the best job marketing your property. Agents are experts in the business aspects of the sales process; Research, pricing, advertising, negotiation and closing. But, the central part of your list – images – is a professional photographer taking them?

Having a point-and-shoot and photographing the house seems like a reasonable option. Often, one can get good shots though simply luck. However, many aesthetic and technological challenges must be overcome to achieve the consistently great photography required in today’s multi-photograph series.

Internet display systems, known for displaying live photos, slideshows, and virtual tours, are another tool available to realtors. These products are as good as the photo used in them. Use poor photos and you’ll end up with a poor photo in a slideshow or tour.

Photography is a very unique industry – not all photographers are the same. A good portrait photographer does not make a good real estate photographer because the photography challenges, and therefore, the training, are different. Architectural photographers aren’t the best choice because they charge a lot more, which cuts into your realtor’s bottom line. Professional real estate photographers can give you the same results at a better price point.

With top-of-the-line equipment, professional real estate photographers don’t just have a good eye. They know exactly where to place the camera, and are adept at keeping it straight. Professional photographers have the experience to reliably produce many consistent-quality shots in every home. Exteriors are taken from the best angle and trumpet blue skies and fluffy clouds. Interior shots are well composed, evenly lit and clearly convey accurate visual information about the scene.

Photos rarely come out of cameras ready for viewing. They require post-shooting and this is where a professional real estate photographer excels. Great real estate photos “pop” off the screen or page. They look and feel bright, light, open and inviting. When they’re done well, the viewer doesn’t know why they love them, they just do!

Ask yourself which listing to choose: You’re looking at two similar listings, one with a few photos that are a bit dark, cropped too close, and a bit blurry. Another listing has clear, detailed photographs of the exterior layout and major components of the home. Which obviously brings more interest, shows and faster sales.

So what can you do to get the best photography for your listing?

Check the details of your existing agents. Do you show great photos? Are there half a dozen or more pictures on the web listings? Professional real estate photography is done at the agent’s discretion. If your chosen agent doesn’t use professionals, insist that they do. Those who know will see the results. So do you.

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