Real estate agent slogans

Catchy tag lines are everywhere in advertising. Whether they’re poetry, inspiration, or creating a memorable image, taglines are something every advertising agency works hard to create. How many of us know how to “be a good neighbor” or “do right”? Even if you can’t come up with a slogan as memorable as those, you should be able to come up with something that your local customers will always think of. Need a little inspiration to get started? Here are some tips for slogans and ways to get creative.
When you come up with a slogan, you should use it throughout your advertising and website. This way, people will come across the association more often and it is better to keep your name and slogan together.
Your slogan should be short and sweet. Try your best to keep it under eight words. Anything longer will deter people rather than draw them in. It should also make sense for the brand you’ve created.
One thing you can do is come up with a poetic slogan. Case in point – Scott Geller, a realtor who tagged “The Realtor” in his name and rolls it off his tongue so effortlessly, it’s all become one phrase. And this makes promotion easy. A word of mouth campaign lowers the cost of advertising.
Your slogan should also tug at the heart strings. You are participating in one of the most important events in a person’s life. By letting your customers know what you can do when it comes to customer service, your slogan will help quickly convey what you can do. Consider something like “Jane Smith – Helping Your Family Make the Right Move.”
Avoid meaningless or generic slogans. They won’t work to set you apart from your competition, and may even work against you. If your slogan is generic, your clients may think you are too, and you may not be the best agent they can find. Think of something like “I’ll take the stress out of your home buying experience” or “Call a Carson City condo specialist.”
You can also consider your location for your slogan. When you add to your site, you not only make someone a personal professional, but you also increase your search engine ranking.
Creating an image in the customer’s mind is also an effective slogan. Proving that you can solve the mystery of home buying for your client or be a personal navigator will make that slogan unique and memorable at the same time.
If creativity still eludes you, you can contract this process and hire a professional. Some will integrate slogans into your overall advertising plan, and they won’t charge you much for it.

Now, if you come up with a slogan and test it out with your friends and family but get a negative response, put that slogan aside and get ready to pick something else. And you don’t have to take it personally. Try another one and keep going until you find one that is well accepted.

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