Real Estate Lead Generation Services – Available List

Online and automated real estate lead generation services are provided by companies that do your generation work for you. In exchange for a fee, they provide you with targeted leads that are customers researching their home, buying a home, or actively looking for a real estate agent.

But who are these companies, how do they work, what information can you expect from their services, and what do they charge? Continue reading for detailed information on some of the industry’s most popular real estate lead generation companies.

Reality Generator

Realty Generator syncs your local MLS listings with your website, manages search engine advertising costs, provides cell phone alerts and includes CRM (customer relationship management) software.

Home values

HomeValues ​​is a website that allows homeowners to type in their zip code and real estate property information for a home appraisal provided by you. In return, they collect the visitor’s contact information and pass it on to a nominal fee.

House with a mouse

Through various websites and MLS listings, House by Mouse collects visitor information and transmits it to you. You’ll get email updates, information on those local prospects and, every now and then, a payout on the lead that’s generated. They charge about $12.95 per pencil.

Realtor exposure

Realtor Exposure works by providing a personal website designed to capture leads from buyers and sellers looking for home information in your area. Those leads will be sent to your mobile phone or email. They also guarantee that your site will appear on the first page of search engine results, but this is not guaranteed.

1 to 1 red

1to1Red allows you to set your monthly budget and then creates a personalized lead generation program based on that budget. You can manage advertising, online campaigns and forward leads directly to your inbox. Their focus is on quality leads and giving you all the tracking information you need to stay on top of your marketing.

With averaging 5-15 quality leads per month, you can expect to pay around $500.


HomeGain’s biggest selling feature is that you only pay a referral fee if you close a deal. For a low monthly subscription, they provide custom coverage areas and in turn provide you with the address of web searchers looking for a home appraisal or realtor.

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