The alphabet of self-improvement – what it is, what to look for

According to a market report by Marketdata Enterprises, the self-improvement market in the US is worth $9.6 billion. It is a huge business and attracts a lot of attention. However, despite its importance, most people do not understand what it is all about.

Many people drawn to the art and science of self-improvement are motivated by the lure of money. They want to know better and more practical ways to climb the ladder of financial success. It is no coincidence that the bible of the world of self-improvement is called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

That’s really unfortunate because financial success is really only a relatively small part of what self-improvement should be. First and foremost, self-improvement should be about finding ways to live a more successful life, and money is only part of that equation.

Until this is understood, all personal work on self-improvement is almost useless. Money may be necessary for a happy life, but it is only one aspect of the whole picture. This is clearly shown in the stories of people who have achieved great levels of financial success and become so disillusioned that they end up committing suicide.

Self-improvement is mainly about acquiring the tools and knowledge necessary to take control of our life in all its aspects. It is about learning how to control the inner Master System that directs all human behavior.

Man is without a doubt the most sophisticated and complex creation or invention on planet earth – but he didn’t come with an instruction manual. This is what the science of self-improvement is all about. It’s the next best thing to that user manual.

The emphasis in self-development should be on personal control, not solely on financial success. This cannot be stressed enough as it is the number one reason people embark on any of the self-help disciplines and fail.

The science of making money is not that complex. It could be summed up in a few sentences: 1) Be obsessed with money. 2) Keep trying to find new ways to make money. 3) Work hard and save. Anything added to that is superfluous. Nothing else is needed.

On the other hand, real self-improvement is a lifelong process. It’s not about learning new tricks to influence people. It is about understanding why we do what we do, about fundamental personality change and character building.

The title says it all, self-improvement. It’s about improving who we are as people. It’s about learning that our past does not mean our future. It is about facing the fact that it is possible to change and discovering how these changes can be influenced.

Time invested in self-improvement can reap incredible returns. It can open doors to great achievements, transform lives, and turn a meaningless existence into a world of greatness. No one has ever accomplished anything worthwhile without using the principles found in the science of self-improvement.

Like any other discipline, self-improvement requires going through the theoretical and practical part of that science. Learning without doing is controversial. It requires work, discipline and diligence. It is a lifelong process, nothing can be done overnight. The results are proportional to the time and effort invested.

In a word, self-improvement is about understanding what motivates us to do what we do and building character. Once we understand this, we are ready to dive into the wonderful world of self-improvement knowing that our expectations will be met.

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