Does this beat binaural entrainment for self-improvement?

There are many binaural rhythm CDs to choose from, binaural rhythms for astral projection, natural sleep induction and deep relaxation meditation are just a few. Binaural beat frequencies can be adjusted to accommodate their use in many areas of self-improvement and development and to increase focus and concentration.

Because of their effect on brain wave activity, there was once concern about whether the change in brain frequencies made binaural beats dangerous. However, although they have a radical effect on brain wave activity, binaural beats are a safe and effective way to highlight many areas of self-improvement and to improve psychic activity.

Binaural beta and alpha brainwave sessions can make meditation more effective by allowing you to reach alpha and beta states. Whether you want to achieve deep states of meditation or reduce stress through deep relaxation or increase your creativity, you can be sure that binaural beat technology will be an effective way to achieve any of these results.

However, there are other methods of capturing brain waves, using monotonic beats and isochronic tones that can be applied in the same way as binaural beats. They work in a similar way, but with the advantage that you don’t need headphones to listen to them.

Binaural beats have been used for many years since their discovery in the late nineteenth century. They use two different frequencies played into each ear to induce a beat at the difference frequency between the two beats. for example by playing 300 hz to one ear and 308 hz to the other ear, the brain would perceive a frequency of 8 hz. This can make recordings easy to produce with rhythms aimed at bringing you into a theta or alpha state which when used for meditation makes it easier to reach deeper and more effective states without years of practice.

Monophonic rhythms use frequencies that can be reproduced through the speakers and use the same frequency that is reproduced from each channel, but at a faster rate than binaural, so that the effect is more positive and long-lasting.

Isochronic tones are the latest and most advanced recordings that use stronger, cleaner pulses and can be played through speakers. Using certain frequencies can synchronize your brain for instant effect.

All these entrainment programs will strengthen your psychic abilities, help achieve deep relaxation and meditation which in turn will help maintain a stress-free life. Using entrainment for self-improvement has become a modern way to approach the ancient practice of meditation and many use it in combination with creative visualization to manifest an improved life by going into an alpha state of mind and attracting positive, life-changing improvements.

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