Healthy Relationships Speaker – Discern Relationship Compatibility, True Love & Your Life Purpose

Healthy relationships are not easily obtained, but like a farm must be cultivated and worked toward. As any friendship, we all go from the initial acquaintance stage to a more deeper relationship. The best way to begin any relationship, personal or professional, is from a non-committed friendship approach.

The struggles are many when endeavoring to build healthy relationships because some people have unrealistic expectations and may want more than you can give. That being said, happiness is an inside job. Your personal happiness must be cultivated within rather than sought externally.

Once you master your emotions and moods, you can always be up no matter how down others are around you. At this juncture, your life becomes powerful and magnificently attractive. Everybody loves to be around a winner. When you can master your emotions and acknowledge your needs, without being excessively needy and dependent upon people you immediately differentiate yourself from the crowd.

A healthy emotional detachment from people (that is to break any possible harmful dependency) builds self-respect and self-sufficiency in you. Then from this platform of strength, you can give of yourself expecting nothing in return. Because the true essence of love is selflessness.

Lust seeks its own gratification, whereas love gives selflessly expecting nothing in return. When you expect something in return, whatever you give out has strings attached and the desirable response you seek becomes nearly obligatory for the receiving individual. The law of reciprocity may work in business and as a social grace, but in relationships such an unwanted pressure can destroy a relationship before it even begins.

Relationships are both simple and complex. Navigating through these emotional and relational nuances and peculiarities requires skill and sensitivity. Go into friendships and relationships with both eyes and ears fully open. As you do you will be more perceptive and aware both of yourself and those with whom you interact.

That which you will see and hear will, if you honestly listen to your heart and mind, be sufficient stimuli to tell you whether or not you are in a toxic relationship. Don’t be overly desperate and be willing to pull back from anything you deem inappropriate or moving in the wrong direction.

Success is determined by what you say no to. As you do and close the door on unhealthy relationships, you will separate and prepare yourself to recognize and embrace healthy relationships when they come your way.

That being said, get rid of the old to make room for the new.

My best wishes and blessings for happy and healthy relationships for you!

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