10 Free Tips – How to Build a Better and Successful Relationships

Good, solid relationships need constant maintenance to keep rolling along smoothly. Troubled relationships can be repaired if you are willing to take the time and effort to find out what is wrong in the first place. Many times couples drift apart and never really know exactly why until it is too late.

The most important thing for a strong relationship is to have good communication. This doesn’t always have to be verbal, either. Your mate could be upset about something and expect you to know what it is without having to actually tell you. If you have been together long enough you will hopefully pick up on these little clues. The long silences, the short abrupt answers… was it something I said? This is where you have to use your relationship survival skills and be proactive. “I know something is bothering you and that bothers me”, “c’mere…(The Hug)

Just an example of how communication works for both people in a relationship. To make your relationship better you have to keep it fresh and alive. You want your partner to feel the same way about you as they did when they first became attracted to you.

Here are 10 free tips to help you build and maintain a strong relationship:

1- Learn To Read Your Partner. A relationship is about getting to know each other’s wants and needs. After a while it will become second nature and you won’t even have to ask if something is wrong.

2- Don’t Get Into A Power Struggle With Your Partner. Neither one will win and it will just breed resentment. Learn to compromise and find that common ground you both are satisfied with whatever the issue may be.

3- Try Not To Hold Grudges. This means don’t go to sleep angry with your mate. Disappointment is a much better emotion and can be repaired with just a few words from either side. Sometimes it is better to lose an argument than to hurt the one you love.

4- Keep It Real. Don’t try to “build” the perfect mate. You can’t turn a horse into a zebra. Accept that everyone has faults and people can change but you may not be the one capable.

5- Don’t Be Possessive. This is a real relationship killer. Strong relationships are based on trust and jealousy will insult and erode that trust over time. It gets old real fast.

6- Own Your Own Feelings. Don’t blame your emotions on your partner. If you are feeling bad or hurt over something your mate said or did those are your reactions to their action. You have the choice to feel any way you like. Why not feel like solving the issue with your head and not your heart.

7- Your Partner Is Not Psychic. Most people cannot read minds and your significant other is probably no exception. Don’t assume that they know that you are upset and why. This is where communication comes in.

8- Don’t wait for an anniversary or a birthday to give a gift. Little surprise presents remind your partner that you are thinking about them and you appreciate them.

9- Get out and do things. Find common interests and go have fun together. Think of new and different things to do to keep that romance alive.

10- If your relationship is troubled Get Help. Don’t wait until it is too late and anger and resentment has taken a foothold. There is free relationship advice available on the internet, go get it!

Hopefully these tips will help keep your relationship going strong year after year.

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