Is Holosync Just Another Self-Improvement Scam?

The self-improvement and personal development industry is getting stronger (and more profitable) every year. Why is this? To answer that question, I’ll compare it to the food industry, which is also growing in a similar way every year.

The nutrition industry is growing in strength, customers and profits every year just like the personal development industry. Now call me cynical, but if the services and products offered by the food industry worked, then their customers should be decreasing, not increasing (in weight and number of stomachs).

The weight loss industry is raking in huge amounts of money and new customers every day because they don’t deliver what they say they will. If diets, drinks, and diet pills worked as they should, the weight loss industry would shrink and die for lack of customers!

The same rules can be applied to self-improvement! If the industry lived up to its promises, anyone using a self-improvement product to improve their life would never have to find another one!

Holosync solution

It’s hard to research self-improvement without encountering hype about Holosync.

Holosync was created as a means of entering deeply profound states of meditation without the traditional effort and time required to acquire the skill. Holosync is the work of Bill Harris who made the first recordings back in the 1980s. Since then, he has improved the prototype and updated the meditation program.

Holosync consists of a set of audio programs that use binaural beats. These binaural beats are incorporated into the Holosync recordings in such a way as to induce changes in the listener’s brain waves. Although this sounds a bit scary to some people, your brain waves actually naturally change state throughout the day. However, there are benefits to maintaining certain brainwave frequencies outside of normal time frames. However, the skill required for this is only acquired from many years of practice.

Advantages of Holosync

To fully appreciate the power that Holosync offers, it is necessary to quickly outline the different brainwave frequencies and their associated mental and physical states.

Your brain waves are usually in the beta frequency range when you are in a normal state of waking consciousness. When you’re daydreaming, reading a book, watching an engrossing movie or TV show, or completely engrossed in a task, your brain waves are usually in the Alpha range. Sleep creates Delta and Theta brain waves which are in the lower ranges of consciousness when you are not aware of much at all.

The beauty of being able to create these frequency ranges at will, with Holosync, means you can induce sleep, promote energized alertness or even increase mental focus. In addition to being able to control your mental and physical states in this way, Holosync (and meditation) also allows you to release past negative emotional programming. This is the one thing that sets Holosync apart from other binaural beat recording and self-improvement methods!

By removing negative mental patterns, beliefs and emotions, Holosync gives you the ability to change the way you view the world and your automatic reactions to it.

Holosync to achieve the goal

Holosync can be used on its own for dramatic, life-changing improvements. But it really comes into its own when combined with any other personal development tool. It can be used not only to increase the effectiveness of other approaches, but also to remove negative beliefs that stand in the way of success with them.

For the first time, it appears that the self-improvement industry actually lives up to its promises and has given us a product that works! Using Holosync on its own is the way to get all the benefits of extremely deep meditative states (which I won’t go into here), but the ability to use it as a catalyst for other self-improvement programs makes it indispensable in my opinion.

Imagine being able to enter deep Alpha states while listening to a hypnosis recording or reciting affirmations, creating visualizations or using any other mind programming technique while Holosync sends a message to your subconscious. Then the Holosync technology brings deeper into the Delta and gently erases any negative beliefs that hinder or oppose this new mental programming. Holosync is truly powerful!

To sum up this post, I can say from personal experience that Holosync is extremely powerful and delivers on all of its promises!

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