Physical And Emotional Abuse Of Men In Relationships

Many people conceive of abuse as only occurring to women in a relationship. That is usually the situation just because women are often considered the “weaker” of the two sexes. Both physical and emotional abuse of men are possible by women irregardless of how little it may be observed by the general public.

Even if the man in a relationship is stronger than his female companion, that doesn’t at all mean that he is stronger emotionally. Perhaps more importantly, when a man is abused by a woman, he’ll be much less likely to exhibit clues of that emotional damage due to his not wanting to be recognized as “weak” in the eyes of those around him. To him and every other common male, to display any sign of cowardliness is definitely out of the question. And, unlike a woman whom may confide in one of her devoted friends for support and understanding, a man wouldn’t think of doing such for fear of what his friends will say or think of him.

Physical Abuse Of Men

Much less common than to women, physical abuse to a man at the hands of his girlfriend or spouse is still very detrimental to his emotional and physical health. The funny thing is that there are some that will continue to believe that it is not even possible for a man to continually be abused in such a way by a woman, yet it does happen. It’s just less likely that the man will ever allow friends or relatives to find out. In other words, the abuse is much more likely to go unnoticed simply because he will both deny that it’s happening and/or avoid telling anyone about it.

A man might continue to allow himself to be abused by a woman for two specific reasons. As I’ve already mentioned, his inherent fear of how he his perceived by his friends and family are one main reason. The second main reason is simple. If he is a good man, whom has been raised properly, he simply will not ever hit a woman even to defend himself. She gets away her abusive conduct because he cannot allow himself to retaliate no matter how badly she hurts him. In addition, he can even be in a state of denial or shock at what this woman that he cares so much about is actually capable of.

Emotional Abuse Of Men

Abuse of an emotional nature is much more common in terms of that which is bestowed upon a man by a woman. Regardless of that fact, emotional abuse can have an equal or sometimes greater impact than even the physical abuse would. Both emotional and physical abuse can damage the man’s self-esteem, etc., but it is the emotional damage that often goes overlooked the longest and does the most damage in the long run. The man will often fail to realize or admit that what she is doing to him is, in fact, wrong altogether.

A woman can emotionally abuse a man in a number of specific ways. One of the typical ways is by verbal abuse such as name calling and other degrading statements. This verbal abuse can damage the man’s self-esteem as he begins to believe exactly what she says about him. As he is continually belittled by the one person he cares so much about, he’ll find it more and more difficult to believe that others think any better of him. Another less obvious way in which a woman can abuse a man is through the use of crying and any other behavior that she only uses as a means to get what she wants from him or to control him.

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean that you’re free from the potential of being abused. Both emotional and physical abuse are two evils that have no sexual preference and can be wielded by anyone selfish and heartless enough to use them at their leisure and/or to their own benefit. If you are a man (or a woman, for that matter) whom is being abused in any way, do not be afraid to seek professional help immediately. No one, neither man nor woman, should have to suffer at the hands of an abusive partner!

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