Relationships After Divorce – 3 Relationship Tips To Help Divorcees Form Relationships After Divorce

For whatever reason your previous marriage didn’t work out and naturally you’ve got mixed feelings about forming new relationships after divorce. You’re frightened of choosing the wrong person and making the same mistakes. You feel like you can’t afford emotionally, mentally and financially to go through all that pain again. And yet still… your heart knows that there’s love out there for you and that you have a lot of love to give too. Somewhere inside you still believe it’s possible to create blissful relationships even after a divorce. Listen to that wisdom. Hang on to that hope. Because it’s true. You don’t have to repeat the same patterns of emotional problems or communication problems in relationships. You can learn new relationship skills that will enable you to form a great romantic partnership that grows from strength to strength. Here are 3 love tips to help you on your way to fabulous, fulfilling new relationships after a divorce….

1. Make sure you’ve really learned your lessons

It’s frightening how many of us repeat the same mistakes over and over. It’s like we carry some kind of internal ‘relationships’ template and we try and apply that same pattern of behaviour every time we are in an intimate relationship. When forming fresh relationships after divorce, throw out the inner template. Clearly it didn’t work for you last time. Why repeat the same things? Come at your new relationships with nothing but a desire to discover new ways of being together in love. Understand that a relationship is a journey of discovery. It’s an adventure that you navigate through. You’ll experience storms, tempests, hurricanes, fog, and times when it seems like you are becalmed and nothing is happening in the relationship. Hold to your destination: love. Be true to your guiding light: love. And enjoy the journey.

2. Transform from powerless to powerful

Break the spell of the mundane and go within to really feel your feelings. Inside is where the magic of your life happens, not in the outer world. You’ve felt the pain of divorce and maybe you’ve deliberately numbed yourself to your feelings. That’s okay, it’s natural to protect yourself that way. Just realise that you fall in love and out of love in your head, in your thoughts and feelings about someone. As you can control your thoughts and manage your feelings, you have creative power over how your relationship feels to you. Right now, you could be in bliss if you wanted to. Or you could let your mindtalk create an experience of pain and self-pity. It all depends on what thoughts and feelings you choose to focus on. When building new love relationships after divorce it pays to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings. Nobody else can make you feel bad or make you feel good without your participation. You’re the one who chooses how to process what you are experiencing. When you experiment with this you will rapidly come to realise that you are free to be happily single if you choose to be or to enjoy wonderful, warm, passionate, affectionate relationships. You are the point of power in any relationship. Therefore you have 100% ability to create a wonderful relationship.

3. Get a better understanding of energy and how it works

By learning about energy interactions you will improve your ability to navigate relationships after divorce. You will realise that when you get too clingy and attached to someone it actually starts to drive them away, so you will know to step back a bit and give them some more space. Give them too much space and not enough affection and the attraction between you will start to waiver. There’s a fine balance. And it’s an ever-changing dynamic. When you think you’ve cracked the code, the dynamic will change. Life’s like that. It’s designed to keep you on your toes — and keep you growing. Good relationships are alive and organic that way. Remember your romantic vision and your commitment to love as an idea and guiding principle, that way you will always find new, creative ways of building your love relationship. Like most things in life, wonderful marriages are earned through hard work, they don’t just happen. That’s the thing that we need to knock out of our silly little heads… this foolish idea that romance has to be spontaneous and that it will last forever. Even Romeo and Juliet would have gotten on each other’s nerves if they had been given enough time together! Develop a spacious sense of tolerance in your new relationship. Treat it like the ultimate self-improvement program. Each day challenges you to be creative and innovative in your romantic and loving gestures. If you take Love as a characteristic you want to build into your nature, and practice being more loving every day, especially with your mate, you will be well on your way to creating a blissful love life.

Get rid of your old templates and learn from those who know how to create blissful relationships, approach people afresh; exercise your creative power over the thoughts and feelings you focus upon; tap into your heart energy and strive to always improve yourself in your relationships. These are the simple steps that will help you create new, wonderful, love-filled relationships after divorce.

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