Self-improvement and success go hand in hand

How do you deal with the ups and downs that life throws at you? We all experience bad moments in life. In order to continue to improve and move forward, we should not dwell on the problems or mistakes we have made. Instead, we should learn from our mistakes and use them as invaluable experience to move on in life.

One of my favorite self-improvement movies is Door to Door. Based on a true story, this film is about a door-to-door salesman (Bill Porter) who suffers from cerebral palsy. Despite his health and many people telling him he was unemployable, he didn’t let that stop him from continuing his career and became one of the top door-to-door salesmen. Despite the pain of his medical condition, he would walk eight to ten miles a day to meet his customers. His story touched the hearts of many of his potential customers.

I recommend everyone to watch this movie, it’s a very inspiring story. It shows that anyone can achieve success if only they can focus on what they can do, have a never-say-die attitude and refuse to give up despite facing many challenges.

I believe that self-improvement and success always go hand in hand. Here are some tips to help you in your self-improvement process.

  1. Stop thinking or seeing yourself as a failure. This may sound like a cliché, but it is very important because it all starts in your mind. How do you think other people would view you if you always felt like a failure?

  2. Learn to accept yourself. Do not compare yourself (your appearance, figure, etc.) to others. Self-acceptance is not just about having a nice figure, slim legs or great abs. Concentrate on inner beauty.

  3. Do not succumb to failure. Learn from Thomas Edison, even though he failed more than 1000 times at making a light bulb, he didn’t feel stupid, condemned or succumb to his failures. Instead he said he had successfully discovered more than 1,000 ways to make a light bulb.

  4. Take things one at a time. Improvement and success is a process, don’t focus on the reward before paying the price. Success always comes with a price. So, make sure you pay the price first before expecting the reward.

  5. Set meaningful and achievable goals. It is the fuel that drives you forward, it motivates you and makes you get up every morning and achieve your best. People who do not have meaningful goals in life will wander and waste time every day.

When you are willing to accept change and go through the process of self-improvement, you are one step closer to success. You should always remember that there is no such thing as overnight success. Treat it as a learning process and be willing to learn and improve. As this quote says “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

We are all here to learn lessons. Our parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, neighbors, all could be our teachers. When we open our doors to self-improvement, we increase our chances of being on the path to success.

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