Top 10 Reasons to Take a Year Out in Australia

If you are one of the many who have recently found themselves with spare time on their hands through redundancy, considering a stress free year in the sun may not seem like a viable option right now. Yet for those with few commitments, and aged 18 to 30, a year out in Australia could prove the ideal way to escape the recession.

Rather than falling back into the same old routine, applying for non existent jobs, or positions that you’re prepared to settle for rather than want, why not see this as an opportunity and consider travelling to Australia under their Working Holiday Program? Many travellers every year are finding that spending a year immersing themselves in another culture is providing them with new insights into work, relationships and life in general. Sound enticing? Consider the following reasons to take a year out in Australia:

Beauty: One could argue that some of the world’s most beautiful people are Australian, for example Elle Macpherson aka “The Body”. Just over the shoulder of those tanned beach loving Aussies is a landscape which is unparalleled in any other part of the Earth.

Climate: Australia’s diversity begs to be discovered through travelling around the world’s smallest continent – and largest island. Her six states and two territories promise a unique experience at every stop with varied landscapes, from desert to tropics, promising the excitement of distinct experiences. Travelling around the south of the continent during the Antipodean summer and then heading north during winter, when ‘the wet’ has passed, allows for a full year of sun worshiping.

Nature: View the unique flora and fauna, brought about by the isolation of the island continent for fifty five million years, while snorkeling on The Great Barrier Reef or travelling through the famed Outback. The birds, animals and plants are as diverse and as gorgeous as the scenery they inhabit.

Accommodation: Australia is set up with every possible accommodation type ranging from multi bunk backpacker dorms all the way up to exclusive island resorts for the rich and famous. For many on a year out, purchasing or renting a campervan can provide a sense of home without sacrificing the free spirit of your time spent traveling.

Friendship: The people you will meet are the pulse of what your Australian experience is all about. Your year in Australia guarantees that you will be surrounded by colourful and adventurous people from around the globe. The friendships and memories you make will far outlast your return home.

Dining: Thanks to its diverse multicultural population, Australia boasts cuisines from almost every country in the world. The fresh exotic foods available are guaranteed to result in some of the most delicious meals you’ll ever taste!

Nightlife: Australians are known to have a work-hard, party-harder approach to life. Whether you wish to spend your nights clubbing, or catching a show at the Opera House, your tastes are catered for. The festivals, sporting events and concerts are nonstop and easily accessible.

Adventure: Surfing the waves at Bondi Beach, sailing the magnificent islands of the Whitsundays, scuba diving and snorkeling the coral reefs, riding through the rain forests, hiking the many gorges, driving down the Great Ocean Road to the next adventure that awaits you… there are so many things to do in Australia you’ll need a full year to experience everything!

Relaxation: After all that adventuring you might want to spend time visiting any number of fantastic world-class spas and retreats in settings only a place like Australia can provide. For those of us on a budget, simply relaxing somewhere along the 34,218 kilometers of stunning coastline will probably suffice.

Peace of Mind: The best part about taking a year out in Australia? The peace of mind in knowing it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Here’s hoping that by the time you make it home the recession is a mere memory and the job market has recovered. Potential employers will be sure to take note of how you occupied yourself following redundancy and be impressed by your tales of character building experiences in the land down under.

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