Gold and Silver Business 3 things I love about Numis Network

I chose Numis because of the quality of the product, the integrity of its founders and the compensation package. These are three things that everyone should look for before joining a company. I’m going to let you know what attracted me to Numis Network.

What I liked about the product was that it was a valuable asset. Most companies sell useless overpriced products that tend to be consumables. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, people don’t join network marketing companies for the product, they join for the profit opportunity. This is the first company I came to not only because of the profit potential, but also because of the product. The goods I am talking about are numismatic coins made of pure gold and silver. These coins are collectible coins made from pure gold or silver bullion. They are minted in the United States or minted in countries such as China or Australia. Most of their coins are American, so most of them are made at the US Mint. What I like about coins is that they are products that I can sell years from now for more than I paid for them. Or I can pass it down from generation to generation because it is so valuable. These products have real asset value due to the gold and silver content of the product as well as collectible value. There is an old saying that smart people accumulate assets and ordinary people accumulate debts.

Numis Network is founded by Ian Cardell, Chris Kent, Mike Mezak and Jake Kevorjian. Ian Cardell and Chris Kent have been top executives in the direct selling industry since 1995. In 2002, Chris and Ian founded International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their leadership, the company has grown to become a leading provider of software and technology services to the direct selling industry. In fact, if you’ve done network marketing before, chances are their company built your back office. Jake Kevorkian is respected as a pioneer and creative thinker in the natural products industry. He has a good track record in sales, marketing and product development. Mike Mezak is the premier numismatic coin specialist in the world. He has been on television for the past 20 years showcasing his expertise in the coin industry. It is also featured on the Home Shopping Network’s Collectors Show. His extensive knowledge of numismatics and amazing accomplishments make him an unmatched asset to the Numis Network. His expertise allows Numis to offer prices and coin collections that you won’t see anywhere else.

The compensation structure at the company is very interesting. It allows its distributors to earn income in three unique ways, which is very beneficial. But I’m not going to turn this into a sales pitch. If you need more information, you can follow me in the resource box.

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