Part of the journey inside and out – self-improvement

I prepared my resume after engineering and in the “hobbies” section; I mentioned that I like to read “self-help” books. A friend of mine commented on this saying that you shouldn’t mention it on your CV, as it might mean that you are not confident enough and that you are constantly relying on self-help books. Well, I didn’t understand the logic behind this, but then I removed it from my resume.

I prefer self improvement books to novels and real life stories. I like reading autobiographies. This is something different from others from my generation. Or it’s possible that I don’t have people like me, people who have interests like me. Does this mean I should change my interests?

I read “The Seagull by Jonathan Livingston” at some point in my life. I couldn’t understand the story the first time I read it. It’s not news! But all I could figure out was that there was something about me in it. So I read it again; and then I read it again when I felt less confident about things in life. The story really inspired me a lot in my life. I became close to him in some places because he had different interests and since he kept to himself, understood his interests and preferences, one day he got people like him.

The same thing happened to me. I enjoyed reading self-help books. They really helped me. Books and socializing today have created a different personality, different from those of my age. That difference had a lot of influence on my career.

My life is different today. I can see things that others cannot. Things have made my life so much better than it could have been. Now the outlook on life has really changed. It wasn’t that easy. I had to fight inside. Winning the inner battle made me win every time in my life.

When you’re traveling alone, you really feel bad, you feel really bad. But once you go on and on, people join you. Some follow you and choose you as a leader! What needs to be taken care of here is that at this point you need to be sure that you are on the right path. If you’re not sure, you’re making a mistake with the people who trust you and have chosen to follow you.

The Britt association gave me that faith. This association, CDs and books gave me the strength and confidence to lead. I am on the right path and I can lead people on the right path. I was less confident about that at work and used to feel really bad when I steered people down a path I was less confident about. But life is great now! All the answers are here and life is awesome to live with new challenges and wonderful struggles (from the inside first!)

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