Reading self-improvement articles – an endless journey through life

How I entered the path of self-improvement

Over a decade ago, I embarked on this journey of self-improvement. The real catalyst that got me started was going through a life experience that some people choose to call “divorce”. But while the divorce was the huge catalyst I needed to get off my back and improve myself in every way possible, the beginnings of that journey would never have been possible without direction. The direction I badly needed during that very confusing and confusing time in my life came from reading a self-improvement book called “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” It changed my life to say the least. From the day I picked up that book, life has never been the same. And for this reason, I now continue to write articles on self-improvement and am in the process of writing several books on self-improvement.

Maintaining your energy and commitment

Every now and then I find myself on the road to improvement. Every so often it starts to feel like too much work to constantly improve. Every now and then I just want to sit back and see things happen my way for once, the way I like it. But then the beauty of life and this journey of self-improvement is that “life doesn’t usually give us exactly what we want, but instead it always gives us what we need.”

That’s why I found it imperative to do things to keep my energy and commitment high so that I could continue to improve whenever the opportunity arose. And the way I’ve found it works really well is to keep reading self-improvement books and articles. While I love almost all forms of self-improvement articles and self-improvement books, I find that the ones that move me to action and lift my energy the most are those that share a story, a personal journey, or a struggle of some kind.

I find that these types of self improvement articles and self improvement books help the most because the writer is sharing from a personal space and therefore most people can relate to what they are writing about. I don’t know anyone, nor have I heard of anyone who has achieved great success or done amazing things in life without first going through some tremendous struggle and challenge in their life. Often the greatest achievers and people are the people who fell so low and hit rock bottom before they made it.

The value of reading

So I ask the question, where would we be without people sharing their personal stories through self improvement articles and self improvement books? Because at the very least, self-improvement articles and self-improvement books make us feel like we’re not alone in our struggles. Most often they raise our energy and level of belief and faith that we can do it, achieve it or overcome it. At their best, self-improvement articles and self-improvement books give us clear direction, a renewed sense of purpose, and clear steps to move forward in the most fulfilling direction.

There is no doubt in my mind that constantly reading self improvement articles and self improvement books can only help us on our way forward, not only towards achieving things in life, but most importantly, it helps us become more of who we are on the inside. And if we become more of who we are and continually spiral upward, we can serve and contribute in more positive ways to others who may be in the struggles we once were. Reading articles and books on self-improvement helps give us a different perspective on life and experiences.

So I believe that constantly reading self-improvement articles and books, and then maybe even writing your own, can in itself be very helpful not only to you, but to others as well. So I tell you to keep reading and writing.

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