Rune Meanings Rune-LAF Calms Emotions

RUNE-LAF is a rune symbol for THE SEA, it calms the emotions.

Calm your emotions by combining the Ancient Wisdom of the Runes with the power of Quantum Physics. This is the fourteenth rune that will continue you on the road to health, wealth and happiness.

The sea and water are synonyms for our EMOTIONS. Our emotional natures. Besides our physical and mental bodies we also have an emotional body.

I hope by now that you have been practicing the RUNIC BREATHING MEDITATIONS. If you have then the energies that are coming to you from the Quantum Ocean are already starting to change your life for the better.

What is a rune meditation? There are thousands of books written about meditation techniques. But the most important question you must ask yourself is why do you want to meditate? For what reason? What do you want to accomplish?

Life is a series of events that pass upon our consciousness in sequential order. Each event is an energy relationship. When you leave your home in the morning and stop for coffeee … that is an event. What is happening? You have just placed your self (energy unit) in another energy unit, the coffee shop. There will be an energy exchange and a relationship (third energy) set up because of the meeting. During the day many of these energy events will have very little effect upon you. But some will. Some may even change your life.

Meditation is an event. When you are sitting very quietly in your chair and you breathe softly and reach out with your mind and touch something. You cause an energy exchange. So be careful who and what you touch in your meditations. Passive meditation is very dangerous. Because you leave yourself wide open. Your castle is left unguarded, the porticulus is down. Any strange energy can come along and attack you. Runic Meditation is good and safe. Since the runes are untainted Universal Creative Energies — you will be reaching out and touching the Mind of God, so to speak. All the energy exchanges between you and the Runic energies will be very beneficial. You can pick and choose on a daily basis which energies you want to touch. What energies you want to manifest in your life. It will be a runic transfusion.

RUNE-LAF. Runes have been around for a long time. Well before the Viking Age. And even well before man used language on this planet. They are creative energies. Non-verbal energies. The secret to attracting your desires in life is to get these energies inside your aura. They will then attract into your life what you desire. Each individual rune opens a door to the realms of creation. (Quantum Ocean).

RUNE LAF’s primary funciton is to help you CALM YOUR EMOTIONS. Since LAF is the Rune of the Sea, the Vikings used to paint it on the bow of their dragon ships to calm the sea. Other Rune LAF meanings: Rune of the Sea-Rune of Life-Origianl waters-Clams the Etheric Body-Life is a Continuous Process of Initiation

How does RUNE-LAF calm your emotions? Many of life’s illnesses come through emotionally charged thoughts. Negative emotions punch holes in our etheric body. This causes illnesses. Rune-LAF fills you with an energy from the Quantum Ocean that can be called the energy of “Original Waters.” They dissolve those negative emotions and start to heal and add strength to your emotional body. It helps you attract Emotional Self-Control . This increases your powers. To have calm positve emotions does not mean you have to become a sweetness and sunshine goody two shoes. No!. The key to conscious life is for you to control your emotions and not let them control you. Learn to use your anger, fear, self-assertiveness as powerful positive energies in your life.

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