Why read self-help books and attend personal development seminars?

We live in a very competitive world. Every individual who wants a piece of the pie in this world has to fight for it.

Today, we strive to get a bigger share of the pie by increasing our self-worth in various ways. For some, this means going back to school to get a higher education. Some still believe that hard work is the practical path to success. While the minority does nothing and hopes to become better people.

There is a growing trend where people are turning to self-help books and seminars to improve themselves. And the results are extremely promising and encouraging.

To many of those who are not in the habit of reading, this alternative may seem boring and geeky. Boring and geeky would never be words that you or I would describe when we recognize the many advantages they have.

What is the magic behind these books and seminars? First of all, they give motivation. Mass and focused motivation in the areas you are interested in improving. Motivation is the key to success in life. And the most appropriate source of motivation comes from these books and seminars. Motivation empowers an individual with a positive way of thinking, the right attitude: this greatly increases his energy, drive and productivity. We are constantly surrounded by negativity, from people, TV, radio, it is important to get out of this negativity by reading stimulating and positive books.

Self-help books and seminars provide a range of specialized knowledge that is not available in the current education system. What is specialized knowledge? What you ask for is what you get. There are many, many books on so many subjects, and all it requires of you is some time, effort, and maybe money to get your hands on the information you’re looking for through a book. This specialized knowledge is extremely valuable and practical once you apply it. New knowledge opens the mind. You will be exposed to new ideas and perspectives from different schools of thought to improve yourself and to some extent some suffer from “information overload”. My advice to you is to apply as many ideas as you have learned, discard the ones that don’t suit you, keep the ones that are effective and watch how positive changes happen in your life.

Acquiring new knowledge is vital to staying competitive in today’s world. However, knowledge alone is not enough to take you to greater heights. What I have learned from these books and seminars is that they have the ability to act as mentors in our lives. Mentors have valuable experience in their specialized fields to share that will provide each individual with insights and ideas they never knew existed. This can greatly shorten the learning curve and reduce the trial and error required to achieve results. However, everyone recognizes the many benefits of a good mentor, but many of us don’t make the effort or are lucky enough to find one. Self-help books and seminars are an excellent source of accumulated experience of authors and speakers. The essence of their experiences lies deep within these materials and is readily available to anyone who makes the effort to understand, learn and apply what is taught. For some, they have never been able to see the valuable experience that is in front of them and never will until the day they feel that it is hurting them so much in their life and that something has to be done. Wouldn’t it be too late then? To read with a purpose; ask yourself: “What information am I looking for, what is the purpose of reading this book?” Self-help books and seminars are your best mentors until you find someone who wants to enrich and guide you.

Looking for a mentor to guide you is MANDATORY if you want to achieve success in the shortest possible time. Where and how will you find them? A self-help seminar is one very possible place. These seminars are a collection of highly motivated individuals who come from different fields and age groups and most importantly, many of them are very helpful people. The speakers themselves can be your mentors. There is no better place than a self-help seminar. Networking is the key to finding the ideal mentor. You will never know when you will find such a person. In short, it takes courage, persistence and a respectable amount of self-confidence to impress someone and convince them to be your mentor. Keep in mind that these mentors you are looking for are very busy people. Instead of meeting your own needs, think first about what you can offer your mentor. Give before you receive. They may not become your mentors, but a beautiful friendship can blossom and you will soon realize that you are completely surrounded by positive and highly motivated people. It was Jim Rohn who said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And since you are surrounded by positive and energetic people, you will experience a new vibrant energy that will propel you to greater heights in your life.

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