2 techniques – self-hypnosis and self-confidence

As an aid to developing self-confidence, self-hypnosis has an unparalleled success rate. Aside from kicking the smoking habit, confidence is the main reason people try hypnosis in the first place. Why is that so? Well, because it works!

Whether you realize it or not, every person on the planet is born with an abundance of self-confidence. Unfortunately, well-intentioned peers, parents and the world raise us from this natural state into a mindset of doubt, fear and disbelief.

With simple self-hypnosis techniques, you can regain confidence, which is your natural and normal inner state. Actually, it’s easy!

It is much easier to discover a natural ability than to develop it. Think of all the athletes and sports stars who seem to be born with natural talent. It’s much easier for them to develop their skills than someone who has to work extra hard because they weren’t born with the natural ability. Think of George Best, Pele, Martina Navratilova, Magic Johnston, Mike Tyson, etc. Although these stars worked hard to develop their skills, they were born with raw, natural talent first and foremost!

Just like the great talent these stars were born with, you too were born with a great gift – the gift of unlimited self-confidence. You were born with a natural ability to be confident in all situations. By using self-hypnosis you can remove the layers of negativity that cover your natural confidence!

The baby does not doubt himself in any way. The baby will try to walk even though it can’t. The baby doesn’t wonder if it can walk, it just tries because this new life knows it is capable. He’s just trying because he doesn’t believe he can succeed! The baby will try to speak until he masters the art. The baby is extremely confident in himself and his abilities. You were once a baby and overflowing with confidence.

Now that it’s gotten out of you, it’s time to get it back. It is not necessary to learn anything new. You just need to get rid of some negative things, and self-hypnosis is very effective and fast at that!

One way to discover your natural ability to feel confident is to pretend to be confident. Your brain, body and emotions are naturally aligned with your natural state. Therefore, when you pretend to be confident, your body, brain and emotions match up and start doing it automatically.

Stand up straight, breathe deeply and just do it!

Lack of confidence is really just a mechanism you use to protect yourself. In an attempt to stay safe, you have built up an internal resistance to trying new things or leaving your comfort zone, and this takes the form of mistrust. Look at your own self-confidence issues and you’ll see that you’re really trying to protect yourself.

Lack of self-confidence also lies in the inability to look beyond yourself! You allow your thoughts to concern yourself only. By turning your attention inward, looking at the ego-sense of self, you become self-involved and magnify your own problems. Lack of trust can also be overcome by serving others. Try to see things from the other person’s point of view. This draws your inner gaze away from yourself and allows your natural state to shine through!

Use the above two simple techniques combined with self-hypnosis and watch your confidence and self-esteem skyrocket!

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