5 questions you should ask a real estate agent

Choosing a reliable real estate agent can be a more tedious process than buying a property. Choosing a qualified agent requires a lot of research and knowledge. Some people don’t know what to look for when choosing an agent. Here are 5 questions a real estate agent should ask to successfully complete the transaction process.

Question 1 – How many customers have you served?

A qualified real estate agent will provide you with up-to-date knowledge of the law. He doesn’t try to cover up his lack of experience with vague explanations. You can also ask for references to know the reliability of the agent. If he doesn’t give you instant referrals, he’s not worth your time and commitment. A trusted agent will provide you with detailed information about the clients he has served. You can contact them to know the credibility of the agent.

Question 2 – How do you advertise my property?

Advertising plays an important role when selling property. Most agents cannot provide access to your property. In this way, you will lose the attention of most buyers. A good real estate agent will advertise your property in newspapers, online listings, postcards and websites. It increases the chances of driving eyes and traffic to your property.

Question 3 – Who is your active competitor in the region?

The agent’s answer tells you how knowledgeable your agent is. Keeping up to date with your competitors is as important as knowing that they are the ones closest to you. To be ahead of them, you have to make some extra efforts.

Question 4 – How many are available?

A busy agent may skip your calls or respond to your emails late, but a good agent will be easily accessible. He responds promptly to emails and calls. If he is not available, someone will be appointed to answer the customer’s questions to avoid any problems.

Question 5 – What will your commission be?

The agent’s answer will let you know how much you have to pay. You can compare an agent’s commission to other agents to find out how reasonable an agent is. A good agent will give you a clear explanation of the process and the commission. At any time, you will not feel that he will get unreal profit.

Choosing the right real estate agent is equally important as it determines the fate of your property. A good agent respects the client and tries to use valuable resources and information.

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