5 tips for choosing great personal development books

I love reading personal development books, but my time is very, very precious so I want to make sure I pick great books to read. The return I get from reading the book has to be worth the time spent.

Although it’s true that I generally learn at least a few new things from every book I read, so it’s not a total waste of time even if the book isn’t very good. But the entrepreneur in me looks at reading a mediocre book in a different way.

There’s a fixed amount of time, so every time you read a book that doesn’t provide much value, there’s a lost opportunity cost to consider. Time spent reading a mediocre personal development book could have been spent reading an amazing personal development book. Of course, the financial costs should also be taken into account.

Instead of just randomly picking a personal development book to read, do some research to increase the likelihood that you’ll get the most for your time and money.

They are here 5 tips for choosing great books about personal development and making the most of your reading time:

  1. Thoroughly research the book of Fr amazon.com. Read the reviews. How many are there? What ratings did the reviewers give the book? What did the reviewers write? What is the review quality like?

A word of caution, be careful when judging some of the reviews from when the book first came out. I have seen cases where the author had “friends” who criticized the reviews. If 20 people loved the book and 1 person hated it, ignore the extreme.

  1. Ask friends and mentors for the book recommendations. Especially friends and mentors with similar tastes and interests and whom you respect.

  2. Bring your personal development wish book to your list local library and see which books are in stock. Check them out and see which ones look best.

  3. If there is Author if you want, read some of their other books.

  4. Look for others online reviews books on respected blogs and websites.

And if you start reading a book and it’s not very good, it’s okay to stop reading it, just like it’s okay to walk out of a bad movie. Your time is a valuable, precious commodity, cherish it and make the most of it.

I hope these tips help you make the most of your reading time.

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