Invest in gold or gold stocks – which is better for you?

Lots of ads for gold coins – have you seen them? Which is better for you? This is a great deal for coin sellers. They make a lot of money off you. But how to make money? You hope that the price of gold will rise significantly; what if not?

I’m sure you’ve gone to the grocery store and bought food for gold – haven’t you? What did the cashier do with your gold coins? Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

If you want to make money with gold or silver, I suggest you buy shares of companies that mine gold and silver. You can purchase them through your broker (a discount broker!). It’s easy to buy these companies online. You can buy large companies, medium and small companies. This is a great way to make gold play in the market. Like any company stock, it rises and falls with the market. You profit when they rise and suffer losses when they fall. In the same way, all stocks react daily.

The best way to make money is to buy these stocks when they are down. This increases your potential for big profits and minimizes potential losses. Follow the charts of the stocks you want to buy (select several to view). If they pull back and make a new low, buy them and hold them as long as they make you money. With long-term investments for several months or years, you have the opportunity to make a very large profit. The main thing is to buy shares at a low price!!!

Gold stocks or any stock is easy to buy and sell in the regular market. You’ll be able to shop quickly to get the best price. Then you can liquidate your position by selling for a profit just as easily. The secret to making money is to buy low in a trading cycle and then sell early in the trading cycle. Do not buy in the middle or at the beginning of these cycles. Your chances of making money at these levels are much lower and your chances of losing money are much higher. Makes sense to you, doesn’t it?

Learning to understand market cycles takes time, practice, study, success and a system. If you have the time and know-how, you can do it all yourself. I suggest you use someone else’s system to help you start your trading future. This can help you build a very large portfolio. This type of stock trading is what many Wall Street investors use to make a fortune! You can do this too.

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