Responsibilities of a real estate agent

Although there is no shortage of real estate agents in many parts of the country, we often witness it. , buyer and seller, well-thought-out, mutual satisfaction, meeting-of-minds. While each client and client has certain unique needs, priorities, goals, and more, a quality agent, both, has a legal and ethical responsibility to do not only what is appropriate, but what is appropriate, and / or easy! With that in mind, this article will therefore attempt to briefly examine, consider, discuss and evaluate some of these basic responsibilities and why clients and customers deserve quality, responsible, responsive, appropriate service and representation.

  1. Faithful. Both ethically (according to the Code of Conduct, almost all realtor firms, as well as most state real estate laws) and, ethically, an agent must realize that he has a fiduciary responsibility to his clients. This means protecting customer privacy and avoiding revealing any personal items or reasons why someone is selling, which could hurt the home owner! However, there is sometimes a fine line between doing so and the legal responsibility to disclose anything that may be considered material, etc. They may affect perceived issues, values, etc. about the environment. Ethical protection of customer interests, non-disclosure of seller’s financial information, disclosure of customer’s time – table, especially if interests – related, etc.

  2. Loyalty: Agents must demonstrate a clear commitment to short-cuts when faced with temptation. Quality representation means that the interests of your clients must come first, and any personal gain, and/or self-interest, must never interfere with this focus and consideration! Agents must be service-oriented!

  3. Responsiveness: Someone who articulates the message well, and responds to both, their customers, as well as potential buyers’ questions, concerns, etc., often sets the difference between responsible, responsive agents and the rest-of-the-pack! Your representative should be ready to give his/her opinion and provide insights, recommendations, etc.

Before you hire someone to help you market, sell, and represent your home, you should conduct careful interviews to determine who best fits your unique needs, goals, and priorities. Doesn’t this make sense since it represents our single-largest financial asset for most of us?

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