Why you should read a book a day

A book is a gift, you can open it again and again – Garrison Keillor

Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet, takes a week off a year to read. Elon Musk, famous for building rockets and starting three companies that later became worth more than a billion dollars, attributes his success to reading books. What exactly is it about reading that makes it a common trait of successful people?

It all multiplies

Books are like gold mines. People go to get ideas from them. Everything you learn connects to everything else you’ve learned before. These ideas then combine to form other great ideas and unique ways of doing things.

Moreover, ideas are called the currency of this century. Every person who has ever revolutionized the way things are done in the world, like the Wright brothers who invented the airplane or Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone, they all started with one idea.

Which brings me to:


The book allows you to live the lives of many other people and also allows you to relive them a thousand times. Their words and actions they have taken can affect how you begin to look at your own life.

A book about a person who started their business from scratch and succeeded in it can inspire you to start your own because you suddenly start to believe that if it can happen for them then maybe it can happen for you.

Analytical skills

Reading is a great exercise for your brain. Unlike passive listening, which does not require the engagement of the whole brain, reading requires full concentration.

Mental stimulation is experienced in your brain because in order for the entire message of the book to make sense, your mind is forced to separate letters from words from sentences.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit with great thinkers like Albert Einstein or Socrates? These people changed the world. They knew things. You can also get to know them by reading the books they left behind. All this wisdom contained in the books they wrote can be found by reading. They can be mentors to people who want to think like them. In the end, if used, they can help achieve similar levels of success as they have achieved.


Reading a book should never be a one-time event. Books are truly those gifts that keep on giving. Think of a book as a friend you can cherish for a lifetime.

Choose books that speak to you. Books on personal development will help you look at life and want to make it better. Remember that your brain is a muscle that gets stronger with every stretch. Exercise that muscle by reading today!

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