Writing With Descriptive Words

Writing with descriptive words is a method of drawing mental pictures with nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. Part of the joy of writing is painting a description of a person, place, or thing which the reader can visualize. The joy for the writer is the process and the finished product. Writing is fun as this art is caught between a crossword puzzle and a jigsaw puzzle.

Drawing mental pictures

First of all know what you wish to write about.

  1. Outline the subject matter to stay focused.
  2. Free write until you have exhausted all thoughts
  3. Make an outline.
  4. Proof, edit, and rewrite.
  5. Sign the final version
  6. Send to online or offline sources

Word painting – make it as vivid as possible

The descriptive words should have your reader experiencing their five senses; sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. For instance, if you are describing a strawberry pie, the reader should experience being in the kitchen experiencing the odor from the oven as the strawberry pie nears the final cooking stage. They need to hear the oven door opening signaling time is near for the pie to be cut and served.

They need to experience the sight of the beautiful red fruit with its golden crunchy crust as they feel the touch of the cut with their fork. There should be sensual expectations while bringing the fork with this wonderful morsel of desert towards placing it into their mouth to taste the sweet, sugary delight on their tongue. Umm, that was so delicious.

If I communicated well with detailed nouns and adjectives in an organized manner, the reader in the above example should have drawn a live painting in their mind. If the description of the strawberry pie was done very well, then the reader is motivated into action to buy or bake a strawberry pie.

Writing with descriptive words which you feel are perfect may not always be very accurate as the reader is left to their interpretation of what they read. Therefore, do not over analyze your writing; let the reader or the editor be the judge.

Joy of Writing

The joy of writing is the process of research, understanding words, and assembling formal learned lessons with actual experiences to record and reveal to one or many. If you did not enjoy writing, why are you giving to the long and tedious process only to do it over and over again after each project is completed?

In truth, we may feel happy and elated with our successful finished project, but this is not enough. The art of writing is the journey of addiction to story telling.

The jigsaw puzzle

The fun part of writing is designing and outlining the jigsaw puzzle which you are creating and designing. Create the picture and design the puzzle pieces. As you reassemble the jigsaw pieces the reader will also be assembling with you. Your descriptions should be organized to not lose the reader.

The crossword puzzle

Writing with descriptive words will connect one thought to another with the usage of synonyms, analogies, and metaphors introducing word similarities, comparisons, or symbols to paint a picture for the reader. The canvas artist does the same with the different pigments as the colors will arouse any one or more of the five senses from the viewer.

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