8 Important Ways Homeowners Can Benefit from Real Estate Agents

You are the owner of the house, who has decided, it is time to sell the house, and to move the place, or the potential buyer, called your dream house (the American dream of home ownership), you will have it. A choice, either, to do it yourself, or to use the services and representation of a quality, experienced, professional, real estate agent. Some believe that they will get a better deal, when they do this, on their own, because there will be no, or few commissions. However, according to the National Association of Realtors, or NAR, homeowners are, in general, more likely to consider these factors than they are to do so alone. Buyers also benefit because the right agent, with local knowledge, can provide you with a relevant, professionally prepared, competitive market analysis (or CMA) so you have a better idea of ​​market value and competition. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, evaluate, consider and discuss, 8 important reasons, that homeowners use for the right real estate agents, for their needs and situation.

  1. local knowledge; Although markets and times change, in most cases, you’ll get your best deals within the first few weeks of being listed on the market. So, pricing it right, from the start, often makes the difference, in a significant, major way!

  2. Marketing Knowledge: The right agent creates a customized personal marketing plan that addresses your specific residence and property, location, etc., as well as your priorities, needs, etc. No, one-size-fits-all, marketing process; So using a quality real estate professional often makes a big difference.

  3. agent network; Those who try to sell their homes on their own fail to attract as many buyers as those who use professionals. This is referred to as an agent network, which is used to list the necessary equipment, property, multi-listing service, etc.

  4. Hold the client’s hand; The process of selling a home is often stressful, so using a professional who has experience in the past and a better idea of ​​what to expect and what to expect, will reduce many of these stresses. Find someone who is patient, willing, and will hold your hand throughout the process.

  5. Clarifications/Expectations/Updates: Wouldn’t it be better to have clear explanations instead of guessing or guessing? Many homeowners have exaggerated or incorrect assumptions, and the individual representing you must have the inner strength to fully explain his reasoning and strategies. Additionally, improvements, in terms of marketing, strategies, and pricing are important, and someone with more experience and knowledge, is much better able to guide you properly.

  6. Convenience: Doesn’t it make professional sense to stick around the house, to show the property, or hire someone to do it? Open-houses are only a small part of the overall strategy!

  7. Negotiating: Negotiating professionally on your behalf benefits the client! Wouldn’t a professional do a better job in most cases?

  8. From the transaction stage, to closing: From the initial stages of listing, showings, marketing, service, to the transaction, and then to the closing and home transfer, hire someone who will be there for you!

These are just 8 of the benefits of hiring the right person to represent your real estate needs. Focus on your needs, interview a lot and choose the right agent!

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