Definition of Open Relationship: Advantages and Disadvantages of This Way of Life

What do you consider to be the definition of open relationship? Do you believe you can be in love with one person while also having sexual encounters with other people? Is a non-exclusive relationship beneficial to or bad for the partners involved? Here are some things to think about if you are considering having a non-exclusive relationship.

Various Kinds of Open Relationships

The definition of open relationship is ambiguous, and it can mean different things to different people. No matter what definition you adopt, make sure you have safe sexual encounters, and act safely with all of your partners. You should want to protect the person you love the most – so make sure you use safe sex practices.


Individuals who support non-exclusive relationships tend to think that the freedom their outside encounters gives them makes them a better partner to their significant other.

Another much-used justification for the benefits of an open relationship is that if a couple agrees that they can have involvements with other people, this ultimately stops partners cheating.

While not everyone can see the benefits of a non-exclusive relationship, many people who choose to have such a relationship are often pleased about the choice they have made.


One of the main and very important negative factors of having an open relationship is that you can allow yourself and your significant other to become exposed to sexually transmitted diseases. This should be a major aspect to consider. A further negative factor is that you are almost asking to make yourself insecure, jealous and many other stressful emotions. Imagine how you would feel if your significant other fell in love with one of their encounters or one-night stand. A non-exclusive relationship can be the source of a huge amount of emotional chaos.

If you want to have an Open Relationship

If you are thinking about asking your significant other to be in a non-exclusive relationship with you, you should be sure to broach the subject very gently. You will have to provide a very convincing explanation and justification, and you may cause the break-down of your relationship.

If you require assistance, think about getting professional help on how to handle the situation. A counselor will be able to provide guidance on how to approach your partner with your suggestion.

If your significant other suggests An Open Relationship

If your significant other tells you they want a non-exclusive relationship, you should perhaps discuss with a professional counselor as to whether this type of arrangement will work within your relationship.

A counselor can assist you to make a sensible decision, rather than purely an emotional one. They can guide you through all the queries the suggestion of having a non-exclusive relationship raises. For example, why does your significant other feel this is how he wants things? Do you both have the same definition of open relationship?

Overall, all healthy relationships involve honesty, respect and trust, as well as a mature outlook. Be thankful you’re able to discuss the issue together as a couple. Hopefully you’ll be able to come to a decision that is the best for everyone involved.

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