Friendship Quotes, Friendship and Its Essential in Our Life

I would like to take an opportunity to share with you a very special relationship of our lives. Yes, it is the relationship of friendship. Friendship happens when two or more than two people come close to each others, share their feelings, understand each other’s problems and feel the pain. It is the pure bond between friends and there is no space for selfishness.
There are many writers who have given their views about the friendship. They have written lots of friendship quotes and explained the quality of true friends, how they care for each others, how they put hand in hand and solve the problems. So reading these kind of quotes inspire us to be a good friend.
The friendship quotes denote some essential qualities of friends like:-

  • There is an element of mutual understanding between friends.
  • There is no formalities between friends. They are like one soul and two bodies.
  • In bad time, when others show their back, friends come in and hold our hands.
  • They know your bad habits but still love you.
  • Friendship is the blessing of god.
  • In front of friends you can dare to be yourself. You do not pretend any false expressions.
  • Your lovers may deceive you but true friends never do that.
  • Life is nothing without friendship.
  • They are always loyal to you.
    So you should always take care in choosing your friends because true friends are rare to found and once found you are through. So be slow in choosing friends and slower while changing. Your true mates are like your mirror. They show you your actual picture. They realize you that your important for them. They feel happy in your company and try to make you happy as well.
    If you want to know about someone, just ask from their friends. They are the people who know him/her very well. Friends know the songs of our heart and play it for our smile. They keep our secret and care for us. There is a great bonding between them.
    <p>Friendship is the relation where people revere for each other and can not tolerate anything against one another. When you read friendship quotes you will come to know that how friends sacrifice for each other's success. Your family may not be as much concerned about you as your true friends are. So never hurt or jibe your true mate as they are hard to find. So perceive the sugar of life with this great bond of human life.</p> 

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