Useful commercial real estate office marketing plans for agents

In today’s property market, a commercial real estate office needs to be carefully positioned and promoted to the local business community and property investors. You may have other competing agencies nearby, all chasing the same clients and prospects.

This means that your real estate office marketing is very different and needs to be well thought out. Agency specialization will help you in this regard.

To successfully promote a real estate agency, there is a strong relationship between the professionalism of the agents themselves and the business as a whole. One ‘bad egg’ in a team can destroy the integrity of the entire office and team. Agents are the ones who send the agency’s brand and message to clients, prospects and the business community. It is an agency that provides unique services and market presence.

Here are some tips to help you market your real estate agency to existing business prospects and clients.

  1. The agency does not need to have street frontage or window display. Commercial property can be advertised away from the main road and even above office space. Your contacts are happy to travel to your office to get property details. Many inquiries come from the phone or email system.
  2. Having a good website to advertise your listings, agency staff and services is critical. The website should include strategies related to search engine optimization, raising property inquiries and promoting listings. To a large extent, your website is the front door of your business today. Maybe your customers and your prospects look at your website before they pick up the phone to talk to you.
  3. In addition to your office website, you can also post your listings on real estate industry internet portals related to your area. Track inquiries from both website areas. An industry portal can generate a good query, but so should your website. This means you need specific strategies related to search engine optimization, social media, blogging, content management, and query management.
  4. Always keep track of where the requests come from and how you manage them. Your office website will be where you build your database; It should also be displayed and linked as part of your regular e-mail newsletter.
  5. Building market share in commercial real estate today is often done with quality specifications. Quality listings always lead to better inquiries. As part of that process, each listing must be supported by seller-paid marketing and professional photographs. Quality photos will help your inquiry rankings and enhance the visual appeal of your website in any transaction you make.
  6. Traditional signage remains the most effective when building a local market presence. That being said, you should have a strategy for managing the number of signs in the area for all agencies besides yourself. Know your market share. Also, have a signboard maintenance strategy in place so that signage and vandalism don’t detract from your market presence.

Commercial real estate agency marketing is relatively easy and simple when you plan the process and track the results. Consistency is key to increasing your market share; Quality will help you stay there.

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