How many summers do you have left?

Different things motivate different people. For some people it is the threat of punishment if something is not done. For others, it is the promise of a reward that awaits them after hard work. Or, it can be a simple thing, such as a change of state or focus. One of the best motivational quotes I’ve heard lately is “How much summer do you have left?”

This sentence was shared with me by a friend who is taking an entire month long vacation this summer to be with his family – to not “do” anything and just “be” with them. Knowing that this friend has a busy schedule as a CEO, I was very curious as to how he managed to get so much free time, so I asked him about it.

He said that many years ago he had a mentor who practiced the same annual ritual of going on a month-long vacation with his family, and he had the same question as to how it was possible.

His mentor’s answer changed his life. It was: “How many more summers do you think you have left to enjoy?”

That one question prompted my friend to change everything, because he has a wife, children and grandchildren. That question made him realize how much they mean to him and how much he wants to spend quality time with them.

Although I don’t have a wife or children, I was equally touched by this question, because there are many things that interest me, and I am over 60 years old. I have a burning desire to inspire other people to make their lives better. I feel that this is my purpose in life and I don’t know how long I have to fulfill it.

Try it yourself:

“How many more summers do I think I have left to…”

… do something you’ve secretly wanted to do all your life

… don’t worry about what might happen

… start your dream job

… lose weight

… go on a retreat

… write a book

… travel

… etc…

And then, follow your heart.

Don’t let other people hold you back in what you have chosen.

What if the person holding you back is you? If dedicating a month to your passion seems ridiculous and out of reach, it probably won’t happen! The secret to making this real is to feel it, visualize it, and know it’s real. You have to be so sure that it will happen, that there is no other option for you. When you have this clarity, the universe makes it possible for you.

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