Message from Space: Baby Steps to the Journey of a Thousand Miles

“Starting something is the best way to finish something.

And doing something small, tiny today, anything, wherever you are, is the best way to start something.

I’m not just a client,


A journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step. You can’t achieve anything if you haven’t moved towards your goal. It takes effort and something can be difficult for many who are afraid of effort. Many do the minimum, but complain that they don’t see good results. You reap what you sow and that applies to everything in life. Nothing will come easy because if it did, everyone would do it. You have to be different and sometimes think outside the box, even get out of your comfort zone. Great things will happen when you invest the time and energy to work on making difficult changes in your life. Trust me, I speak with a lot of experience.

Wondering where to start this journey? Well, definitely write down what you want to achieve, or create, or accomplish. Once you have it all down on paper, determine what it takes to get things done. Always focus on the bigger picture and don’t let yourself be intimidated by your dreams, even if they are very scary, in a good way. Face your fears and always come up with better solutions for what you want to do. Small steps are necessary to calm the obstacles you will face on your path to happiness. Once you’ve mastered crawling, you can start walking and eventually run towards your destination. Be careful though because sometimes you can fall and get hurt, but this is part of what we call life. Without failure, you will never learn anything. If you don’t study, your mind will stagnate and nothing will make sense. You want to avoid that at all costs. If the path you are on is not the right one, go back and find the one that suits you best. Until then, see you at your destination. I am sure that I will achieve my goals. Why not?

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