Special quotes from If God Were Like a Man: God’s Message to All Mankind

“To feel inner peace, all you need is love, devotion, affirmation and permission to yourself. Problems arise when you try to control things outside of you, instead of seeking the growth and nurturing of those things that exist solely within you. Your essence is the essence of all humanity. And this essence is simply love.”

Love is unconditional acceptance. The most important unconditional love and acceptance is towards yourself. So, if God were like a man, he would love another, but never at the expense of himself.” If God were like a man, he would seek to express devotion only to what exists within himself.”

“Many of you feel that you are required to follow other devotions in order to honor God rather than honor the path that feels true to you, regardless of your upbringing or environment. You are not asking for it, you are simply asking to be.”

“Why are you here? The reason you are here on earth as a human is to be you. To discover who you really are. To affirm, express, create and be so filled with joy for who you are. When you wake up in the morning your first question must be: “Why am I here on this day, and what can I do to bring me joy? What can I look for to discover what brings out the best in me that I want to express?”

“This is your purpose, my children, to strive to be the best you can be and to confirm this with only one method: how you feel. If you feel joy, then you are on the right path. But when you feel pain, you disconnect from seeking to find and confirm this joy within , and you forget where joy comes from. It comes from yourself. The feeling comes from yourself, and you are here only to express and create the joy of yourself.”

“Ask yourself: “What do I really want to do? What do I really want to be? What do I like? Express your purpose, your joy in your work. Create joy for yourself based on what you love. And then you will feel in touch, in sync, in the light and finally in love with yourself. And so you will discover God in yourself.”

“Why are you here in this universe, and what awaits you after this life? Whatever you choose after this life is what awaits you, exactly as it is in this life. It never ends. Never, never, never. There is no end in sight. Not on this planet, not on another planet, not in physical form, not in non-physical form.”

“You will continue, no matter where or who you choose to be, to do what you choose, how you choose, as you strive to evolve to be the best you choose.”

“Where did you come from? What is it about? It’s about manifestation. And it’s about divine and creative energy that goes into manifestation. That energy is the essence of which you are made – and that essence is love.”

“Material is created simply by imagining it in your mind and feeling so excited about it, that it becomes a physical reality before your eyes, exactly as you imagined it. When you get excited about something, you emit a very high frequency energy that attracts other similar energies frequencies. When you are very clear about what you want, you will attract into the reality of your life an almost exact image of your vision.”

“When you get so excited, the energy of your soul, which surrounds your body, emits a frequency. It attracts a similar frequency and thus attracts to you exactly what you were looking for. You are like a living, walking, talking, thinking magnet. As you walk in your actions, you will produce the results of your actions. And this is known as cause and effect.”

“As you speak, the power in your words acts like a megaphone telling this universe exactly what it needs to bring to you. Your speech is like a trumpet call. Your body is made up of electromagnetic impulses that transmit certain frequencies of energy, and that energy attracts as energy for it to all levels of existence.”

“Can man engage in conversations with others in another civilization, on different planets or in different galaxies? Man is connected to all people, all beings, all places in this universe. You may ask, how are we connected? Here is your answer . Through your soul. One vast soul spanning the far reaches of the galaxy—your soul and the souls of others—separate but connected. How? Simple.”

“Your soul or a part of your soul, just as it is in and around your body, has also chosen to experience life in a different realm, in a different place, in a different system of living. And your soul is experiencing evolutionary growth where you are headed.”

“Your soul, in another incarnation at this time, is experiencing life in a higher dimension – the fourth and fifth dimensions of this universe. If you ask: How do people get visions? How do people receive warnings in dreams about events that turn around and come to pass? How do people can I get a sense of the future when it is not part of our visual reality? These things can happen because they are part of your spiritual reality.”

“The part of you that experiences life in a higher dimension – a dimension of higher vibrational frequency, a dimension that is less physical and more pure energy – is actually communicating with another part of you (in this more physical dimension here on earth) to know what you can do in this life to get from point A to point B. And this part of you is also part of me, and all other parts of you are part of me, so they are all one to me.”

Citations of excerpts © Copyright dr.sc. Barbara Rose. All rights reserved by If God Was Like Man: A Message from God to All of Humanity. Published by The Rose Group (November 2003) ISBN: 0974145718 Available as an e-book for download at www.borntoinspire.com Published in Russian by Popuri in Balarius, Minsk. The second edition, published by The Rose Group, will be available in English and Spanish on Amazon.Com and through New Leaf Distributors.

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