What I Learned From Catch Him and Keep Him

All time famous Catch Him and Keep Him was probably the first dating and relationship advice book ever written for women by a man who is not a professional psychologist, but a normal guy just like the ones you are probably dating now. And if you are dating men who seem mysterious to you, then you’ve stumbled across this article for a reason.

I review dating and relationship books on a regular basis and recommend the best relationship books to my readers. I’ve written extensive reviews about a variety of dating and relationship books which you can read at Dating Tips. What I have learned from Catch Him and Keep Him was my understanding of how far from the truth about men most women are. Catch Him and Keep Him is written by a man who has apparently met many, many women who had no clue how to deal with men in their lives. Those scenarios that Christian Carter describes in his book Catch Him and Keep Him are from real life.

Reading examples given by Christian in his book I realized that the underlying problem that causes most breakups is most women’s inability to understand men. It gave me understanding that most women who want to build healthy relationships with their men, who want a committed relationship and marriage do not know where to start. Reading this book I envisioned women suffering in relationship and just thought how could that be? Why do so many women have to go through this? But by the same token I realize that this is true. That many women do not know how to build a relationship with a man. And the points highlighted in the book are discussed in my Catch Him And Keep Him Book Review.

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