Is paper folding a way of self-improvement? Secrets of origami

Origami is the art of paper folding, but it is more than just paper folding. There are actually a number of benefits that you get. You might be surprised to find that you probably already know something about origami.

What was your first origami?

Most children have learned origami without realizing it. The first origami that children learn is often an airplane. Some children learn how to make a hat, which is also a sailboat. Another common origami that children learn is the fortune teller. Yes, the one with “choose a color” spell, “choose a number” count, then “choose a number” and read the fortune below. These are all examples of origami that you may already know.

How does origami help?

Learning origami teaches children the importance of following directions. Most origami follow each step carefully. It also requires focus and concentration. Without these things, the folded paper may not become what the child intends. But both children and adults can benefit from origami by working on both hemispheres of the brain.

Why does folding paper affect the brain?

In order to turn a flat piece of paper into a folded paper creation, you have to use fine motor skills, and you also have to use your creativity. Remembering the necessary steps builds your memory. It takes an awareness of the paper, the folds and creases, and how it all comes together to create the final creation. Logic and art are combined. Your brain is getting quite a load.

Are there other benefits?

You also get emotional and health benefits. As you concentrate on your creation, your blood pressure lowers. Your miniature project may not be time-consuming, but the joy of completion helps reduce stress levels. Your confidence and self-esteem get a boost as each completed project turns into something to share.

What can I do with origami?

It can actually be fun to share with others at parties. You can use it for entertainment or education. Although origami art may be quite inexpensive to make, it makes a great gift to share. It also makes for a great hobby, because even though the crane may be simple, there are craftsmen who create detailed dragons, elephants, even figures from science fiction movies. Some have so much detail that people are amazed that they are simply folded pieces of paper.

Are you ready to start bending?

You can make art, cheaply and quite simply. You exercise your mind, fine motor skills and your creativity. Beautiful origami paper may not be easy to find, but paper is almost everywhere, including the bills in your wallet. You can relax and reduce stress and do your hobby almost anytime and anywhere. Plus, you can easily share your crafts or your creations with those around you.

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