Ryan Watts Emini Trading Program Review

Ryan Watts Electronic Mini-Commerce

I started trading index futures back in 2004. My first year trading ES contracts (S&P E-mini) was a long year for me as I was essentially gambling and a terrible gambler.

Fortunately, in 2005 I came across Ryan Watts and his training program Scalping the E-mini Futures & Forex. I can’t tell you what an eye-opening experience it was for me. If this program had been known to me in 2004, it would have saved me $1000’s of my hard earned dollars.

Having personally traded using the Ryan Watts Day Trading System, I think I can give a fairly unbiased review. Mr. Watts is a trader first and a teacher second and he uses these techniques every day to scalp the ES (e-mini S&P), YM (e-mini Dow) and he also trades the Forex market (Forex). What you get with Watts Trading consists of three parts: the first is an eBook with example charts and setups, the second is progressive flow exercises, and last but not least, you get lifetime access to a live trading room.

  • The e-book gives you a detailed overview of the mechanics of his process, the steps used to prepare for each trading day, and an outline to help you stay focused in your trading. All the tools Ryan uses are featured in the eBook with detailed information on each.

  • What you get with the progressive flow exercises is a detailed step-by-step process that you will use to progress as a trader. Traders should gradually progress as their skills improve and that is what these exercises are all about. You can move at your own pace and build the confidence you need to succeed.

There are also many other useful pages on the Watts Trading Group Yahoo Groups page. There are also chart templates, which greatly speed up the work of setting up charts. There are also some .pdf files that helped me set up the charts and make small adjustments to the order. There are also suggestions from fellow traders on the trading floor who also like to share their knowledge and help out as well. One document that I found particularly helpful was Mr. Watts’ explanation of the stages of the costing action. It was great to see how he looks at the market and what it is through action.

I highly recommend Watts Trading to anyone who wants a good scalping strategy, be it for Forex or index futures.

When I first bought and started it, I found the live trading room very useful. Mr. Watts trades this very process daily, so you can also see his live charts, which will help you see some real examples of trades. In case you need help or have questions, he will always provide it and will show you what criteria to use to make or transfer deals.

Mr. Watts will also answer any questions you may have about his trading process when he is in the trading room or always via email. This is what helped me get out of my funk and make serious strides as a trader. Don’t expect Mr. Watts to call because this is not a phone room, but he will review his deals after the fact. Trading the same market as Mr. Watts, and when I took the same trade as him, it helped me gain confidence.

Once you learn to trust yourself and the indicators (signals), you will see that profitable and stable trading becomes a reality.

You can get more information by going to Watts Trading.

May your next trade be profitable.

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