God is unborn

God is said to be the ‘Supreme’ spiritual entity which is eternal, infinite, formless and boundless. One who is supreme cannot be said to be supreme if there is someone who is even superior to him. And the mother is, without a doubt, superior to the child she gives birth to. This is called ‘Matri-Rin’ or ‘debt’ and it is such a debt that can never be repaid and the debtor cannot be said to be ‘the Most High’!

So the whole concept of the ‘supreme’ would be shattered if there is or was someone who is or was superior to the ‘supreme’ entity.

This is one way to explain why God is unborn because he is to no one else. He is eternal which means ‘Sanatan‘ i.e. ever exists. IN The Gita the word ‘eternal’ or ‘ sanatan’ was used for God’s Head, Creation or ‘Srishti’Soul or ‘Atma’Knowledge or ‘Gyan’the sound of existence ie.Om‘ or ‘Omkara‘ and Samaya (Kaal). So, all these terms are synonyms of God the Head himself.

Another way of explaining why God is unborn is quite complicated. There are two types of world or universe in nature. One is ‘Spiritual’ and the other is ‘Material’. We call the world we live in the material world.

There are many more material worlds in nature. In fact, everything we can see or perceive with our senses is included in this category. We can see the sun, moon, stars and planets etc. so these are all material worlds indeed. The highest is said to be ‘Brahmand’, headed by Lord Brahma himself.

Far beyond the end of the territory of the material worlds (say millions and millions of miles ahead) is another world called the ‘Spiritual World’ which is the abode of the Godhead.

The basic difference between these two worlds is that the living entities of the material world have a body and are mortal and subject to the miseries of birth, old age, disease and death etc. but the living entities of the spiritual world are immortal. , eternal, infinite and formless, i.e.Nirakar‘.

The relationships of father, mother, son and daughter etc. and the gender differentiation of male and female are characteristics of the material world while this nomenclature has no meaning in the spiritual world. Therefore, it is not necessary for God to be someone’s son. He is unborn and will remain so for eternity.

We have actually drawn conclusions about the body structure and relationships from the lives of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, but they were incarnations of the God Head, not God Himself.

Both Lord Ram and Lord Krishna were born in this material world as human beings and had to go through the miseries of birth, old age, disease and death inherent in the material world.

But the real God Head lives in the spiritual world, which is free from all the troubles of the material world. And he enjoys life there ‘SAT’, ‘CHIT’ and ‘ANAND’ along with countless other Souls who merge with him after being freed from the material world.

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