Grief Healing Gumption

Have you thought about your treatment? Do you clearly understand the source of your sadness? Recognizing with complete clarity the power of grief that occurs and ways to find relief will help you gain new hope. There are powerful, often unconscious, forces that arise from your experience of grief. Learning the best steps you can and must take to understand and heal your grief is critical to your well-being. Discovering how to find relief and reconciliation is key to healing from loss and grief. It takes wisdom to heal your grief.

I don’t hear the word smart being used very often these days. However, when I was a child growing up, my mother used it a lot. “I need to gather my wits,” “I need more wits this morning,” were expressions she used regularly.

You may experience some discouragement and disappointment in the coming days and years. Your grief and loss can cause you to experience deeper grief than you can imagine. At times you can feel true despair. Perhaps, although I hope not – perhaps you worry that any chance of being happy and secure in life has slipped away forever. When times like these come, please remember this: when times get hardest, it takes wisdom to heal your grief. Two synonyms for ingenuity are resourcefulness and initiative. Using your best initiative and resourcefulness is another way of expressing and emphasizing the discernment you need to take. Here are three valuable thoughtful steps to help you reconcile your grief, find happiness, more wholeness, and joy:

Step no. 1 – Decide how you will respond to your unique grieving challenge. Better to take this step sooner rather than later.

“Our lives are not defined by the challenges we face, but by how we respond to those challenges.”

~ Jonathan Lockwood Huey

Can you imagine yourself responding to your grief with a little forethought here and a little initiative there, and a great deal of resourcefulness every day? Healing and reconciliation of your grief, loss, and bereavement can result from these thoughtful actions.

Step no. 2 – Consider first the change in the inner state of life.

Don’t worry about the circumstances of your grief.

“Circumstances do not make a man; they reveal him to himself.”

~James Allen

Don’t get caught up in discussing your limitations even if your grief has resulted in permanent disability.

“Argue for your limitations, and they are surely yours.”

~ Richard Bach

Wise steps require a little extra persistence and more effort. Then what seems like a hopeless failure at the beginning of your grieving experience can turn into a wonderful success.

Step no. 3 – Control and eliminate all negative thoughts.

“It’s not the situation that causes your stress, it’s your thoughts,

and you can change that right here and now.

~Gerald Jampolsky

So often the phrase that emphasizes personal actions that you must accept and accept full responsibility for everything you did and did not do, sounds clear – “IF IT WILL BE, IT DEPENDS ON YOU”, emphasizes critical personal understanding.

“Anyone who wants to can hear the inner voice. It is in everyone.”

~ Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi

Begin this process by listening to your inner healing voice by eliminating all negative thoughts. Start by eliminating all “I can’t” thoughts. Replace them with “I can” and “I will”.

Now determine how you will respond to your grief. Don’t let your circumstances define who and what you are. Remove all negative thoughts. Remove the can’t thoughts. Search within yourself for inspiration and more resourcefulness. By trying to overcome despair, as you look deep within yourself, you may discover more unique personal intelligence than you thought!

“Vision stands on the shoulders of what is real to gain a better glimpse of what is possible.”

~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Work with great energy to create your own vision of all available possibilities. Grief and loss should be your highest priority. To stop grieving, begin to heal from your unique grief, loss, and sorrow, and finding hope and joy is key to experiencing lasting peace and happiness.

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