How to market your FSBO home.

Many FSBO sellers are told that it is very difficult to sell their home by owner. The truth is that many FSBO sellers are not actively trying to sell. The goal of any FSBO seller is to get as many buyers as possible to find out if their home is for sale. The number one mistake FSBO sellers make is not properly promoting their home.

There are many different things you can do to market a home. Number one is to use as many forms of communication as possible to generate maximum exposure to your home for sale. Because marketing is key to selling a home, you want to take time when developing a marketing plan. Advertising budget is always a concern but with the growth of the internet your options are many and often free. Explore your options to get the most bang for your buck. Be careful not to waste your time or money on services you don’t need.

Here is a list of FSBO marketing ideas:

1) Symptoms: Of course, this is number one – keep your signage simple with basic contact information like the phone number. Your number should be large and easy to read for potential buyers who are driving around looking for a home.

2) Free Online Local Ads: There are many communities that have started free classified websites. (free)

3) open houses; They can help, but they are not the best way to market your home. Many of the people who come to your home are neighbors or people who aren’t really committed buyers. That can be useful in some ways because they can share their knowledge with the right person. Don’t count on this method because only one person needs to like your home to get a buyer.

4) using the Internet; The Internet is the ultimate medium for creating exposure. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach buyers. Most home buyers start their search online (85%). There are many ways to advertise online. There are many for sale by owner websites and the key is to get as much of your home as possible. The downside is that this may take some time, but it’s key to getting your home seen by the public. Many of these FSBO websites allow you to list your home for free. Unlike in the past, many of these FSBO websites now share their information and can be automatically placed on partner websites.

5) Craigs List: You can post your property on CraigsList for free. Go to and make sure you select your city first. The downside to this site is that the listings are sorted by date, so you’ll need to post frequently.

6) virtual tour; A virtual tour is a great option. The virtual tour can give your prospective buyer a better idea of ​​what the interior of your home will look like. You may also consider posting more videos for sale. This is a high traffic website that allows you to link from the video to your online listing.

7) Multiple Listing Service (MLS): The best tool for marketing your home is the MLS. MLS listings are generally pulled from major websites like and all real estate company websites. You need to go through a real estate broker to list. There are many brokers who will list your property on the MLS for a simple fee.

The best thing to remember is that as a FSBO seller you need to have a proactive approach to selling your home. More than just listing with a full-service broker, there’s no reason why you can’t have the same eyeballs when viewing your home online. You may have some small costs to establish an online presence, but it will be a fraction of the commissions paid to a traditional broker.

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