Pathological Partners – 9 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Affected by a Personality Disorder

Most people enter into a relationship hopeful that the union will be mutually satisfying and respectful. When both partners are well balanced and healthy emotionally, this can be the result when there is commitment, effort, and good communication in the relationship. However, there are some people who are hard wired mentally in ways that make these kinds of happy unions very difficult or impossible.

Personality disorders such as sociopathy and narcissism often cause the affected partner to behave in ways that are hurtful and destructive to the relationship and the other partner. This can leave the non-disordered partner bewildered, confused, and hurt. Here are 9 signs that your relationship might be affected by a personality disorder:

  1.  Lack of empathy. Your partner may not be able to put him or herself in the shoes of others.
  2. Lack of guilt or remorse response.  A true conscience is lacking, though your partner might be sorry for getting caught doing something hurtful to others. Your partner may feel that those he or she hurts deserve it for being "weak."
  3. Poor impulse control. This can lead to compulsive behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual promiscuity.
  4. A tendency toward boredom and risk taking behavior, regardless of the danger to self and others.
  5. A tendency toward criminal behavior, including violent acts.
  6. Consistent displays of irresponsibility. Our partner may not hold a steady job, or keep commitments like paying bills on time.
  7. A grandiose sense of self worth. Your partner may feel superior to others and desire excessive amounts of praise. Your partner might show a great deal of charm, but little substance.
  8. Manipulation and lying. Your partner may willingly exploit others to get what he or she wants.

9. Lack of adherence to social norms. Feeling that the rules don’t apply to him or her, he or she may display complete disregard for laws, ethics, or appropriate behavior.

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