Running Your Real Estate Investment Business – Posting Ads to Find Dream Team Members

In a previous article, I discussed different ways to find key dream team members for your real estate investment business.

I talked about some traditional methods, like calling dream team members to advertisers and screening them for good prospects to join your team. I talked about the two short cuts to finding great dream team members by tapping into a network of other real estate investors and real estate agents and brokers.

REAL ESTATE INVESTORS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS OR BROKERS TO CONNECT If you don’t have the ideal dream team member you need or need more real estate investors, what do you do to connect with agents and brokers?

Well, the best way to deal with these two challenges is by placing ads on CraigsList. What kind of ads? I’m glad you asked.

First, let’s say you lose a key dream team member like your mailing list broker. You’ve asked your real estate investor associates and your favorite real estate agent/broker and they don’t have good advice for you. Here’s what I do: I go on CraigsList and post an ad offering a job with exactly what I’m looking for. If I’m looking for a mailing list broker to find a list of absentee owners in a certain part of town with a certain amount of equity, I’ll list what I’m looking for and post it on the jobs provided. The section of CraigsList most relevant to that type of work. I’ll keep the ad relatively high up on the page by reposting twice a week and wait for responses from the dream team members I’m looking for. Usually, it’s a friend of a Dream Team member who sees the ad and tells them to call me.

Here’s another example: What if you’re trying to find more real estate investors to add to your dream team (and list of buyers)? Well, I’ve written very detailed articles on how to get investors to build a buyer list that you should read because you need to use those same strategies, but here’s another twist that I use if it’s just for networking with investors. I would post an ad to start a real estate investor networking group and then go to lunch with everyone who called to join us to form a regular group. I did this at my local market. It’s a wonderful way to meet other investors.

Another way to do this is to post an ad for a “practice partner”. Maybe you’re looking for someone with similar real estate investment interests to discuss local investment strategies, share ideas, and become better real estate investors.

A third example of posting ads to find dream team members is looking for real estate agents who specialize in catering to investors. I have found a good investor friendly agent/broker for you.If you are not lucky enough to be in the market, here is a good way to start your search. Post an ad in the “Real Estate Jobs” section You are a real estate investor working with other local investors and are looking for an agent or broker to help secure deals for your investor group. Specify the types of discounts you want and the type of agent you want to work with. Some investors prefer to have the agent run some initial numbers. Some don’t. Some investors prefer their agents to get incentive signals. Some don’t. Some investors prefer real estate investing agents themselves. Some think they’re better off not having someone take big deals off the cuff (which rarely happens). Then keep this ad running until you find a good agent/broker for your team.

With these three methods, within months – and often quickly – you should be able to find some great team members to make your real estate investment business easier to run and ultimately more profitable.

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