Creating a Podcast: 3 Powerful Easy Steps to Create a Winning Podcast

When inspiration strikes, you can have a sleepless night. If the concept of a new podcast keeps you on your toes, you might appreciate these three steps you can take right away to create a winning podcast for visibility, influence, and self-expression.

The first step is to “see it done” before you start. Get a clear idea of ​​how your podcast will be integrated into your world. Once you understand its role in your business or life, you will be better able to make all the decisions that need to be made to create a podcast.

The next step is to clarify your content strategy. Will you be interviewing experts in your field? Will you share your expertise as a solo speaker? The easiest way for a podcast to go viral is to invite guests. Each guest will share your show with their fan base, and this exponentially grows the podcast with the greatest of ease.

Once you’ve clarified your framework and vision, you can start listing everything else that goes into creating a podcast. Here is a short list:

  • Select your microphone

    – Choose your broadcasting company

    – Choose the recording method (teleconference, in person)

    – Create a square podcast logo that shows the built-in name of your show (ITUNES requires dimensions of 1400 x 1400 pixels)

So, there is some behind-the-scenes work that you will need to do to create a podcast, but the results are worth it.

Create a search engine optimization plan (keywords).

The last simple step you should take is to create a search engine optimization plan. This may not seem logical, but as your podcast is about to be born, it won’t have many connections to other programs or websites. So the easiest way to find it is to choose some keywords that describe the podcast.

For example, let’s say the podcast focuses on entrepreneurs and how to grow a business. A podcast creator should do keyword research so that each episode is published to the world, the episode is categorized (titled) with keywords that will help new listeners find the show.

Podcast audiences are generally extremely loyal and like to listen to four or five podcasts each week. Listening audiences tend to over-download program episodes for events such as commuting or an extended day trip. Make sure your episodes are roughly the same length per show.

And don’t forget to have fun! Happiness is contagious. Happy podcasting!

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