How to Fix a Broken Relationship and Get Your Ex Back in Your Life

If you have ever experienced the end of a long term relationship, you are already aware of how hard it can be . This is why it is easy to find a ton of advice about how to fix a broken relationship.

Before you go to the trouble to fix your relationship, think hard about whether the relationship is worth all the effort. If the relationship is so bad that the pain outweighs the pleasure, its possible that your union just shouldn’t be saved. If you think things are still worth salvaging, here are some tips to fix your troubled relationship.

Give Your Relationship Space

Anyone with experience in successfully fixing a broken relationship will speak the the fact that it is important to wait a while (a month or two) before trying to fix things. Phoning your ex to talk to them immediately is the biggest mistake you can make.

The feeling of missing your ex can be a very hard feeling at times, but it is critical to remember that they might be still angry with you and vice versa. While going through a painful breakup, time can seem like it compresses. With some time and perspective everyone will have calmed down and may be more effective at unraveling the issue.

Prior to attempting to talk through the issues, you both need time to think and calm down. The act of acting desperate or pleading with your ex can make your ex want to leave you even more.

It sounds selfish, but at the onset of a breakup, focus on yourself and your needs, instead of your ex’s. Take the time to decide what you want, and do things to be kind to yourself. Reconnect with the other relationships you might have been neglecting.  Avoid rambling on endlessly about your breakup. Try to get in really good physical condition. Start/Keep working out frequently. Make sure you eat right and take care of your body.

Here is another great tip for how to fix a broken relationship. Invest the time to think about what the issues were in every aspect of the relationship and try to get into your partner’s point of view. It is critical to ask yourself what problems added to the breakup and what both of you could have done differently.

Also, determine what made you so happy with your ex in the first place. Next, decide what the minuses were as well as the  positives. This will help you determine if the relationship is worth saving. Try to move on with your life while you are working through all of this with the best of your ability. Do things to take care of yourself like socializing, buying new clothes, getting a haircut and going to the spa.

Rebuild Communication with Your Ex

If you still want your ex back after a few months, then you might want to take some small steps to rebuild communication. Begin by calling. If your ex answers and seems like they want to talk, try to arrange a neutral, public place to meet.

Once you get to the meeting, try to express your feelings in a positive way.  Be lighthearted and engaging. Never swear or yell at your ex.  Avoid expressing issues with bitter or harsh words. Even if your ex seems to blame you for everything, you must also be ready to listen to what your ex has to say. Don’t take everything personally, even though it will probably feel as though they are attacking you.

If you really want them in your life, all of these problems must be solved. Listening to what your ex has to say is an important step in repairing your union. If they still love you, they are likely to feel better once they get the issues out.  It might seem very harsh and confrontational at first. Really hear them and wait to see if you can lighten up the interaction. For any relationship to be successful you must be willing and open to work on yourself.

Fixing a broken romantic relationship is not quick. As a matter of fact, relationship repair can be quite hard.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but you must allow yourself and your partner lots of personal space. Then and only then, can you initiate understanding, open and honest communication.

For more information how to fix a broken relationship read T. Dubb’s book “The Magic of Making Up”. It really made it clear what people do wrong in relationships and how to fix things. If you really want your ex back in your life, this is worth reading.

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