How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

It’s difficult to be faithful when two people are so far apart, that maintaining communication becomes increasingly difficult the longer the relationship lasts, that insecurities often arise because one person can’t be around to see what the other is doing, etc. But the truth of the matter is that long distance relationships can work just like other relationships can. The truth is that dating is hard and takes commitment from both parties. Below you can find tips on how to strengthen your bond with your significant other.

Avoid Communicating Too Much

Generally, the standards as to what is considered too much communication varies from couple to couple. There are two extremities: the couple that communicates too much and the couple who doesn’t communicate enough. You don’t need to compensate for the distance by strangling each other with possessiveness. There are couples who can last without speaking for three days and remain married for thirty years and there are some who speak every hour and break up after two months. Essentially, the best thing to do is to just go with the flow and do what is normal for your relationship.

Avoid Bad or Serious Situations

Avoiding bad situations means that you must be aware of what may upset your partner. Since he or she isn’t there, it’s more straining on a relationship when you go out with someone from your past or if you go out drinking with your friends while being completely aware that it’ll bother your partner.

You have two options regarding dangerous situations: either you don’t go at all or you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend where you’re going in advance so that you have time to reassure him or her.

Just be sure to keep your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc. in mind before you make certain decisions.

Do Things Together

Thus can mean a variety of things. In our technologically-dependent society, you may want to consider playing online video games or watching YouTube videos together. Otherwise, you can read the same books, Skype, movies, etc. over the distance. Even though you’re living apart from each other, that doesn’t mean you can’t share bonding experiences.

Visit Each Other

Your relationship must be a two-way street. Obviously, you can’t go without seeing each other for the rest of your lives so visits will be necessary. Besides, you guys will have all that much more fun once you see each other again. If, however, one of you is the only one making any effort, then that person will grow to resent the other.

Be Honest

It can be easy to either lie or omit the truth from your significant other if you guys are far apart; after all, he or she cannot be there to prove you wrong. But no good relationship can be built on lies; therefore, the best thing you can do for your relationship is to be honest with one another.


In order to make your relationship genuinely work, there are a variety of things that you must do. This remains true whether you’re living apart from your partner or not; however, this post focuses on those who live apart. Tips to make your relationship work include the following: honesty, communication (but not too much, visiting each other, etc.

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