Knowing the Best Successful Marriage Tips – How to Make It Last

How do you make sure your marriage is going to stand the test of time? What are some good marriage tips for a successful relationship? How hard is it to follow successful marriage tips?

Accept Him

First, don’t make the mistake of marrying someone who you believe you can change. People are very hard to change and instead of trying to force something on him, change yourself. You will need to accept your husband for what he is if you want to have a successful marriage. If there is some destructive behavior that must be changed, do so with love and encouragement and never put him down.


The most important successful marriage tip is to communicate. This means that you will have to open up about everything and talk through any important decisions or issues which may arise between the two of you. These open lines of communication will enhance the respect and love you have for each other. In addition, open communication keeps things from being bottled up and can help the two of you avoid fights.

Be Intimate

A lot of times relationships start off hot and heavy, but the intimacy seems to wane after a while. However, in order to have a successful marriage, you will need to keep the love in your marriage. Intimacy is one of the single best ways to keep your partner close.

Be Accepting

You must understand that no one is perfect. We are all going to have flaws and you must accept these in your spouse. Instead, appreciate any differences and love them in spite of any flaws or shortcomings.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Another important tip for a successful marriage is to let the small stuff go. Don’t harp on the socks on the floor, but rather pay attention to the big things in your marriage. There are always going to be challenges in a marriage and you will have to learn which ones are more important than others. Make sure that you pick your battles carefully. Sometimes, it is just better to let the little things go. Remember that life is short and it is really only the big things that matter in the end.

Have Friends

While you want to spend time with each other, having a successful marriage also means spending some time apart. At least once every two weeks, you should schedule some time with your own friends. This will help you retain your own identity. In addition, absence always makes the heart grow fonder.

Care for Each Other

Never take your spouse for granted if you want to have a successful relationship. Be sure that you compliment them and tell him how much he means to you. Do the little things such as bring your husband some water if he has been working in the yard all day or simply say that you love him.

Go on a Date

Don’t forget to continue to date each other even after you have been married for a while. Take the time to go out to a dinner and movie on Saturday night and spend some time with just the two of you.

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