Spiritual Power – Want help from God to let his spiritual light guide you through the storms of life?

Spiritual strength and help from God is available to all of us. Have you lost trust in people? Have they let you down time and time again in the past? Can’t trust those you turn to for help?

Great! That’s actually a good thing. Why? Because now you can turn to God for help; the one who has the power to save every person who is willing to be saved.

Are you turning to God for help?

Far above all human weakness is God and the truth of His Word. All problems can be solved with God’s help, no matter how long they have been bothering you. There are no exceptions. The following and other problems can be eliminated: stress, anxiety, shame, depression, illness, loneliness, confusion, lack, pain, loss, anger and fear.

Listening for God’s help shines a strong, spiritual light on all dark and difficult problems and makes them disappear.

It is strange, but true, that people often fail to get help from God. Why? Simply because they refuse to see that their condition is far worse than it appears on the surface. People are afraid to face their situation and admit that they don’t have a solution. So they fool themselves into believing that the problem isn’t really a big deal.

Where does this leave God? Completely left out!

Are you leaving God out of the equation?

Have the courage to face the storms of life that surround you and admit that you don’t have the answers. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of that fact. Humble yourself before God and turn to Him for help to attract an answer. Let God be your personal guide through the storm and bring you safely to the other side.

“God is our refuge and strength, a helper in trouble! — Psalm 46:1

Spiritual information from the truth of God’s Word is a spiritual force that also helps us in the natural. Being a sincere seeker of God’s help requires removing resistance to His spiritual information and wisdom. God gives us His Word only to help, not to hurt.

Spiritual power, help from God

There is a God, there is also you. Your help is right now there with God, just waiting for your arrival.

  • Reach out by faith and touch God’s spiritual power.
  • Dig into His Word and find guidance.
  • Cry out to Him in prayer and wait patiently for His answer.
  • Meditate on His Word and allow His knowledge of revelation to be manifested in your life.

Are you feeling helpless and hopeless today? Then trust in God. He is the helper of the weak and the ruler over all. You don’t have to solve your problems, you just have to admit them and give them to the Lord. Almighty God is your ever present help in time of need.

Take advantage of God’s help and His spiritual power and live a life of increasing prosperity!

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