3 Commonly Stupid Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

(I realize not every woman or man is exactly the same. The generalizations made in this article aren’t meant to critique and pass judgment on every member of either gender group)

The media has a field day with our mistakes. There are jokes about our inadequacies in relationships; what isn’t funny is the divorce rate in the United States. 2010 statistics clock us at 50% divorce rate!

I’m a guy, I’ve made many mistakes in relationships and I see other guys make the same. Do what you want, but continue to make these 3 mistakes and in the long-run you’ll be ready to seek the nearest exit out of the relationship.

There are the 3 commonly stupid mistakes we make in relationships.

Guys Get Into Relationships, When You Know You Have a Hard Time Committing

Why is the ‘Ass’ of the group the first to get married, when everyone knows he won’t be able to commit to that woman… or any woman? The first silly mistake is getting into something we won’t be able to commit to. Dude, why?

A monogamous relationship has got to be the worst deal of a lifetime; it’s the worst deal IF you don’t love the lady. That’s like someone telling you the only car you’ll ever have is that beat up Honda Civic. Crappy deal, unless you really love that Civic. If you’re the type of guy that loves chasing women or women chasing you… you’re not a candidate for a relationship yet. No matter how whimsical she makes you feel, you’re the only one who knows your capacity to embrace a long term relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to tie yourself down. Forget the ‘experts’ guilting you into changing your behavior… diagnosing you with the dreaded illness: commitment issues. You’re free to do what you want with your life, just don’t drag along a woman interested in a long term relationship. Be honest with yourself, with her and stay out of a relationship if you know damn well you can’t commit to… eventually, one day (maybe) you will.

Guys Allow the Woman to Have Complete Control of the Relationship

Professionals and experts say, a relationship should never be about control, I agree. However, people seem to make attempts to quickly establish control in a relationship-whether that person knows it or not-women included. It’s cute at first, but the mess can get old quickly. From the style of curtain you should hang in YOUR apartment to how you spend your time. That’s an indication she’s revving up for more foolishness. This is your queue to tactfully discuss boundaries. You’ll never go wrong the plea of fairness. What’s fair is you never encroaching on her time/space… and she, not do the same.

You better never allow the lady to have complete control over the relationship. Relationships should be balanced, fair. No man needs a second mother… second mother, not sexy. If you’re the type of guy that enjoys a ‘second mother, ‘shame on you! The minute you meet another woman that treats you like a man and not like the ‘boy’ you’ve been acting like, you’ll start wanting THAT instead of the ‘second mother’.

No one person should dominate the relationship. If a man was caught dominating a relationship, he may find himself on some popular talk show having his ‘dirty laundry’ aired-out in front of millions.

Having total control in a relationship is not fair, if it’s wrong for a man to do… well, it’s wrong for a woman to do.

Guys Fail to Communicate Their Needs to the Partner

Men are criticized for being too passive or non-communicative in relationships. In many cases that’s true. You’ve got to learn to speak up, communicate your needs to the lady, Ace.

If you can learn how to reconfigure an engine, build a robot, or memorize cheat codes… you can learn to express yourself more often in a relationship. For instance, if you always feel like your doing way too much over the weekends and you just want to relax… say that. If you feel like she hasn’t been the kindest person to you lately, say that. There may be some hesitation from the lady because you’ve probably given her too much control over the relationship (see mistake #2). Once you get past the her hesitation and denial over the issue, then you can work on the problem. You’ll find people are flexible, including women.

The first step is speaking up for what you want in a relationship. Fellas, this does not include asking to be granted some sexual fantasy or favor. You know there’s more to a relationship than that. If you don’t know, then you obviously made mistake #1. HOW the lady treats you in a relationship is more important than you think. If you don’t get that, you need to be single right now!

Communicate with the woman. Don’t just win her over with compliments, tell her when she’s being an ass, acting inconsiderate or not listening. You think these issues don’t have weight now, when left unchecked you’ll start to develop feelings of regret and resentment. With most human beings when those feelings take hold, we blame the other person instead of ourselves. If you don’t tell her what’s on your mind, it’ll be your fault not her’s; communicate to the partner.

No relationship is perfect, but we don’t have to make mistakes that may lead additional problems that come with relationships. Do a good job at steering clear of these commonly stupid mistakes and experience a lifestyle with less stress, more time to build robots, and no ‘keyed’ cars.

(I am not a licensed professional. The source of all shared advice is from personal experiences. When seeking advice, consider seeking the help of a professional counselor or therapist.)

Look out for other articles about how to talk to the lady so she gets you, the importance of the connection, getting women to notice you, and more!

Thanks for reading!

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