5 Things You Can Do to Improve a Shaky Relationship

Having a relationship means serious business. It would eat up your time, make you exert lots of effort, experience a lot of awkward moments which would demand you to show affection in any way and would most likely make you spend your hard earned money. All of these things just to have the girl of your dreams. Just to make her happy. Just to see that spark in her eyes. But what would you do if your girl got a bit confused about wanting to be with you anymore? What if she’s not as happy as she used to be? Are you fighting more often than usual? What if your relationship gets derailed? How can you improve a shaky relationship? How can you keep her?

Read on for a couple of pointers that will help you improve a shaky relationship. These tips will definitely aid guys out of such a scary situation successfully. Believe it or not, there is science behind this.


You should first know what the problem is. Is it about you? Is it about her? Does it have anything to do with your actions or hers perhaps? What is the root cause of the problem? Knowing the problem is the key. It’s logical that if you want to solve anything, you have to know what it is, so that you would know how to address the situation.


Just like soccer or any other sport for that matter, you should have a solid plan or plans on how to win the game. You should have at least 3 sets of plans ready. Why? This is because girls could really get complicated at times. In dealing with them, you should know your skills and advantages then you MUST learn how to use them. If you know how to, this would be of great help to you and your plans on how to improve a shaky relationship. Another thing that you can use in planning how to win her is your knowledge of her personality. Just like in sports, you have to know the weaknesses and strengths of your opponent. In this case, knowing her weaknesses would count a lot in making your plans run smoothly.


Make sure that on the day you plan to initiate your dirty little scheme, your girl is your top priority. Rid your schedule of any guy thing that you know would piss her off. Nothing should occupy your time aside from her. Execute plan A. If it doesn’t work, move on to plan B. If it still doesn’t work, move to plan C and so on. Make it a very special day. She would surely appreciate that you dedicated time for her. Doing things for her would make her feel extra special.


Don’t fight. Learn the art of listening. If by any circumstance, you feel like you can’t listen to her anymore then at least pretend to. Just make sure that if she throws a question at you, you could give her an answer. Understand her and try to make her understand you. Observe and try to keep in mind the things that you don’t agree on. Talk straight. Avoid giving excuses. Be as honest as you can be. NOTE: Lies and excuses wouldn’t help.


Now that the both of you have heard both sides of the argument, compromise. Adjust and change what has to be changed. You must accept each other’s faults and weaknesses. Bear in mind that people are imperfect by nature. Loving comes with accepting. Losing someone is much more difficult than exerting effort to improve a shaky relationship. Word to the wise, don’t commit the same mistakes twice.

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