The Life Cycle – 7 Reasons Why People Struggle With Change

  1. We forget and give the world around us too long a series…

It worked yesterday, that’s how mom and dad worked, that’s what I always wanted, so why change it? Ignorance is meant to be bliss, but just ask any persecuted minority group if they could have seen what was coming, would they have changed, moved or done differently. Of course. No one wants unhappiness, but it happens, and unhappiness only happens because we think that if we don’t take care of the little things, they will go away… they don’t… they pile up. So those little problems in relationships, those late arrivals to work, those missed moments in life when we wander and don’t come, those moments are opportunities to adapt, adjust and grow….left unattended, become, accidents that trigger big, beyond our control, changes. Remember, the most expensive seminar in the world is a hospital.

  1. We accept and accept limited conversations

You may already know that my theme for 2011 is Conscious Conversation. When we speak, we have a series of “shelves” from which we draw our language. The bottom shelf is “This happened, and that happened” – which makes for clear, uncomplicated, rational, factual communication. Inspiration and love are on the top shelf, and to talk about it one has to risk disapproval, such conversations rise above emotions and enter the human heart… the problem with this “top shelf” conversation is that the speaker has to deeply believe in himself , and, just as importantly, the relationship, the team, the group, the rules of engagement must allow, nay, invite such a conversation. Limiting the conversation to the lowest shelf may seem matter-of-fact and engaging, but only one-seventh of our potential genius is invested at that level, so that group, relationship, or team becomes blindsided, and change for that team comes from the outside.

  1. We stop identifying with our EGO

When what we achieve, how we control things, what we win and how good we are (both in trophies and socially, professionally and religiously) becomes the core experience of who we are, we can’t change – we can only get better. Being “Better” than before is often not “more good” at all, just “scarier” or “fake”. The more we “market” ourselves, the harder it is to get to know ourselves beyond these shallow measures, and then, the weaker our ties with friends and colleagues become, we end up becoming “approval seekers” and with this sad limitation of our experience comes a block to life. change. Real growth happens outside of our EGA.

  1. We want peace and we don’t have the courage to show up

If someone is seeking peace in their relationship, work, family, social life, career, finances, spirituality, mental or health status, they are automatically blocking change. When we think we have found the right path as a peaceful path, we cannot “be my own boss”, we all become conciliatory and then we and those we love drown in anxiety: life, love, health and work grow on the border of support and challenge, and yet , some companies, partners, friends, and worst of all, parents think that the best way to treat others is to not be confrontational. What they don’t appreciate is that when people end up in the hospital because of illness, or fired from work because of incapacity, or have an affair, the lack of challenge is what got them there. Compassion and love mean support and challenge, and we grow on the border between the two.

  1. Neglect of our inner self

Earn money, babies, house, car, income, websites and CDs. We are busy as bees. We seek those things which demand untold changes in our outer thinking and feeling, well, complete and even exhausted by change. The environment is constantly changing in order for us to be successful in all these areas, so when someone suggests changing the one thing that has remained solid, our “I” fight back, “forget” and hire a shock squat to attack all the offenders in our opinion from ” Yourself”. Of course, changing from the outside and changing from the inside are completely different and separate topics…. One is about getting things, keeping things and protecting who we are…. the other is about letting things go, giving things away and Exploring who we are… Making that there are some contradictions.

  1. I don’t know how

I remember the first time someone told me, “if you’re not happy with things like this, change them,” they might as well have said, “if you want to go to the moon, just fly.” I had no idea of ​​the direction to go, the process that would cause it, the way to mark what needed to be changed. I ended up sabotaging everything I had in my life to find out what needed to change and in what direction, but you don’t have to. Life is too short to learn from your own experience. So why not learn from me….Simplifying it in a few words, I can say this: Let nature be your guide….which basically rules out gurus, therapists, consultants, self-help teachers, preachers, rabbis, religions, corporate leaders and doctors.. excludes books, dvds, podcasts, blogs and marketing executives. Simply, let nature be your guide… HOW? Simply learn the FIVE universal laws of nature, and where you are out of alignment with any of them, adjust….

  1. Nothing to change

The epidemic is spreading around and is very contagious, it’s called “learn something – know everything” There is a generation of people who, with access to the Internet, feel as if they have answered all the universal questions and solved all the mysteries of life, online… Yoga teachers, personal coaches, gurus and the unprecedented testimony of thousands of baby boomers who screwed up their life by putting it (their life and money) in the hands of a fake Guru…. So young people have also caught the syndrome “I don’t want to empower anyone but those I trust “. So the blind leads the blind. First, let’s understand that the reason self-help doesn’t work is that the ultimate awakening is that there is no self – therefore, no self to help….. Second, all people are just trying to say what they’re saying, they’re just limping their way lives, so, in reality, trusting anyone to give you sound, eternal advice (like parents, consultants, and gurus is foolish)… Buddha said, “teach them the illusion until they are ready for the truth” which, as Jesus and the disciples, “tell them what they want to hear until they are ready to hear what you want to tell them” which basically meant, and has meant ever since, “Lie through your teeth” because the truth is too much for people to bare…. and sure, that was probably true, but I doubt it’s true now… so, I’m telling the truth, I think it’s about time….right?

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