Why Are Men So Hard to Figure Out? Follow This If You Are Struggling to Understand Men

Sometimes, a gal can nearly drive herself batty just trying to figure out what her man is thinking and feeling. At the very least, you can get some serious migraine headaches if you insist on analyzing the male species’ motivations and actions.

In short, guys are so hard to read because women try to hard to read them and look at all the wrong things.

Don’t Think Too Hard! (He Sure Isn’t)

Men are vastly different from women when it comes to how they think. The two sexes are mentally programmed to be motivated by entirely different things; he seeks accomplishment and dominance in various areas of his life (social, material, physical), while women are motivated for the most part by the need for connections with others and emotional fulfillment.

All you have to do is witness how a man drives a car and how a woman drives it so much differently. Men are not naturally skilled in multi-tasking; they excel when all their focus and efforts are directly towards one thing and one thing only. A woman on the other hand will drive while she’s doing six other things simultaneously.

Panic attacks are over twice as prevalent in women than men. This is no coincidence; men can relax their thoughts and literally think about nothing; women are unable to quiet down heir brains and just chill out.

He’s Just As Clueless As You Are

Most guys don’t have a grasp on what they’re feeling and thinking at any given moment. It’s not that they aren’t thinking or feeling; actually, they just don’t take note of it and recall details.

Chances are however, he knows how he feels about you; but don’t expect any eloquence and statements that cement this fact until he’s very comfortable with you.

You Only See What He Feels Comfortable Showing You

Speaking of comfort, you want him to feel as secure and trust you. This requires slowly building a bond over time, and you cannot rush or fake this. Well, you can, but not for long.

The longer you are with a man, and the more you prove your integrity and trustworthiness to him, the less difficult it will be for you to get a read on him. It will just click eventually.

Men and the Opposites Game: Why You Need to Play

With men, unfortunately we can’t always do what we say and say what me mean. They just don’t make it that easy.

On an instinctual level, guys need conflict and to fight for something they can win. This is why you have to make your secret wants and needs invisible by switching them around using the Opposites Game. If you want more attention from him, give him much less. If you’re dying to read him and know what he’s thinking and feeling at some particular time, you have to take the sneaky route and not express that desire directly. If you want more emotion talk from him, avoid any emotion talk of your own and angrily mention how you hate that mushy stuff.

Strange? Yes, but it seems to work.

Why You Should Never Obsess Over Reading Him

Ultimately, you shouldn’t worry your pretty little head over what he’s thinking and feeling. Why? Because all you can do is be you, and after that, you have no control over his thoughts or emotions anyway.

Especially if they have nothing to do with you.

Even if you’re officially his new girlfriend, you have to keep in mind that just as there was a whole world going on before he entered your life, he has things on his mind that he has been thinking about for a while, long before you.

Another Reason to Not Worry About It

You also shouldn’t concern yourself too much with struggling in a vain attempt to figure him out entirely because chances are, it will be ever-changing.

Women are the ones who have the bad rep for repeatedly changing their minds, and yet men are far more guilty of this. Out of a massive fear of confrontation with you, he’ll keep things to himself no matter how crucial.

Because you can never expect your emotional security to stay consistent in any relationship, you shouldn’t make yourself dizzy and sick with worry over reading him today.

What To Watch Out For

There is a tiny possibility that your guy is purposely making it hard for you to read him and figure him out. Why? Because he’s hiding something from you and he definitely doesn’t want you to learn what it is.

Your instincts can usually guide you if this is the case.

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